April 11th – Johnny and Tracy – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “Very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this!

Him: Our instructors were very informative and very good at responding promptly. They knew what they were talking about and had very good explanations of the topics presented. I also like how that we could do this on our own time and not have a set meeting with a couple every Sunday.

Her: I thought it was very informative. I really loved how we were interactive with another couple and got great feedback. A lot of our of questions were answered. It made us dive into topics we had not yet discussed and it was just overall great to see how like-minded Johnny and I are but, we also understand each other when we differ.

Both: It meant a lot to us that our instructors went in depth with everything and you could tell they really read our answers and that made us want to be 100% of our effort into it as well.

April 12th – Michael and Maris– Diocese of Lansing, MI “It renewed my desire to get closer to God

Him: It was informative, practical, accessible, and helpful.
Her: It was very informative and it provided an environment in which both of us could take the time to think about the questions and discuss our thoughts and answers. Our instructors were wonderful instructors that gave very prompt feedback and insightful comments to our assignments.
Both: We will be exploring options to participate in parish life together.

April 13th – George and Tiffany – Diocese of Lansing, MIThis was so helpful!

Him: It was a great class and we learned a lot about each other.
Her: I learned a lot about how to make a successful marriage and about how to bring Christ into our marriage.
Both: The best part was the discussions this triggered between us. We learned a lot about each other!

April 14th – James and Lani – Archdiocese of Louisville, KY This course reminded me of the teachings I learned while growing up.

Him: Our instructors always provided thorough and prompt response to our assignments. We learned a lot through this course and we hope we can practice what we learned.
Her: Our instructors were always positive and understanding. They were willing to help me answer any questions or concerns I had through the course. One of the things that we enjoyed the most were their feedback.
Both: The time our instructors put in their responses made the whole experience even more personal!

April 15th – Jacob and Jennifer – Diocese of Savannah, GA “I am compelled to become a parishioner on my own in order to raise my family in our parish

Him: I thought this class was extremely helpful in preparing us for marriage. It provided a ton of positive feedback that will be beneficial throughout our marriage. I thought our instructors were wonderful; I always looked forward to the answer keys because they really explained a lot of the answers in great detail which provided me with a different method of understanding. Although, I am not Catholic, I think this class was helpful for any couple that is in the process of getting married.
Her: Our instructors did a wonderful job explaining in great detail some of the more difficult lessons that were taught, and they really made me think about some of the topics from a different perspective that never really crossed my mind before. I think the class does a great job at highlighting the primary subjects associated with marriage, such as the story of why God created a woman for man, forgiveness, natural family planning, and relationship tools. I really enjoyed the additional articles, videos, scripture readings, etc. that were embedded in each of the lessons. I felt like they were very relative to the world that Jacob and I are navigating today. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the lessons, insights, and advice that the both of us gained from this class
Both: It explained in great detail the true meaning behind why God created a woman for man and all of his intentions for humanity; when you think about, it is truly magnificent, which I think is easily forgotten about in the world that we live in today.