April 18th – Keenan and Chloe– Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “It was very thought provoking

Him: I thought it was a very fruitful exercise by encouraging us to think deeply and discuss openly, our relationship, values and future. I thought the feedback from our instructors was also very thoughtful and thorough and gave me greater perspective on some of the more philosophical questions.

Her: I enjoyed the course. It guided deeper conversation through topics that we never thought of before. Additionally, it encouraged great conversation and deep thought.

Both: We enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the course and it is great reminder that sometimes that individually we may not have the complete answer/solution but combine the two of us will have a better answer/solution.

April 19th – Cameron and Eva– Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “This course was great and a really valuable learning tool for both of us.

Him: I really enjoyed the class. I was surprised at a lot of the dialogue that was started between the both of us. Before I started this class, I had wrongly assumed we had talked about almost everything. All of the different courses and classes always had something new to bring up and discuss that neither of us thought to mention to each other before.

Her: I also enjoyed the class. I was not sure what to expect when we first signed up for it, but was pleasantly surprised by the different courses and their content. I think it greatly helped stir up meaningful conversations between us and strengthened the relationship between us.

Both: It greatly improved our communication; it was one of the best things about the course for us. We found ourselves more engaged and really understanding how we can communicate in the future to ensure our marriage stays healthy and successful.

April 20th – Nick and Kristin – Archdiocese of Mobile, AL “I feel inspired to become more involved with my church

Him: It challenged us to think about what our faith means to us. I learned more about the sacrament of holy matrimony, myself, and my future wife.

Her: I really enjoyed this class. It made me dig deeper into the true meaning of our wedding vows. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the sacrament of holy matrimony.

Both: We appreciated the overall breakdown of marriage and the tools provided to us. It gave us clearer expectations.

April 21st – Bryan and Gabrielle – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “Taking this course got me back into the habit of praying daily

Him: This fostered thoughtful and worthwhile conversations. We enjoyed the process.

Her: I really enjoyed this course - it sparked great conversation and brought us closer as a couple. I really think it will strengthen our marriage.

Both: We loved the feedback we got from our instructors! They provided so much insight and helped us go deeper into the scripture. And they also provided really useful resources.

April 22nd – Kyle and Brittany– Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph, MO “This course revived my relationship with the Church and God.

Him: I found this class very insightful with respect to God, Christ, and the church. I thought my relationship between all three and my fiancé grew stronger because of the course. I feel like I have been given the tools needed for a successful and fulfilling marriage both for myself and for God.

Her: I felt like the class was very informative. My fiancé and I learned a lot and we are even more ready to get married. We have developed a deeper connection with God and plan to incorporate the Church into our marriage.

Both: The course introduced topics that forced us to communicate about more difficult topics. We were able to have these tough conversations and overcome our differences. We overall feel we can communicate better and overcome together.