April 25th – Jose and Kristina – Diocese of San Diego, CA “I truly believe it reinforced my faith and belief in God and in the Catholic Church as whole.
Him: The instructors were awesome. They were very interactive and engaging with us and I really appreciate the real-life lessons and experiences that they shared with us during the last few weeks.
Her: I enjoyed the in-depth feedback and the links/resources that were included for additional reading.
Both: We appreciated the quick turnaround time in reviewing the assignment. We also really appreciated when personal stories were shared with us in the review section and the transparency.

April 26th– Richard and Anna (Civilly Married)– Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston “It made my relationship with God better

Him: The marriage preparation class was very informative and kept us engaged and we learned very much from it.
Her: We enjoyed it and learned so much from it. The instructors were very thorough with their comments and explanations during each assignment. We are very excited to move forward with our marriage convalidation.
Both: The class helped us be better as a couple even though we have been civilly married almost 30 years this has been a great experience and learned more about each other!

April 27th – Joshua and Riley – Archdiocese of Cincinnati, OH “During our time with the classes, I have felt God so much

Him: This class was great. We really enjoyed growing closer together through these classes and hearing our teaching couple's experiences. I think this was exactly what we needed leading up to our marriage!
Her: I loved every second of these classes. It has definitely given Josh and I some amazing tools to use in the future and has taught us so much more than we could have hoped for. We have grown so close in this time leading up to our wedding day and I am extremely thankful for our classes and our lovely instructors who empowered me through this class and shared amazing stories of their marriage with us. I will be forever grateful for the connect with them and the advice/learning they gave us.
Both: It improved our communication immensely. Throughout the classes there were many times that we paused and had deep conversations. It helped drive home on topics we have already discussed but it brought up several new topics as well.

April 28th – Peter and Kara– Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “We are extremely busy, so it was nice being able to go at our own pace.

Him: The flexibility the course offered allowed us to schedule dedicated time to focus on each section thoroughly.
Her: We felt challenged to think about our relationship on a deeper level and got great feedback from our mentor couple.
Both: This course helped us talk through difficult topics and explain our opinions where they differed.

April 29th – Branden and Breah – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “Inspired me to pray more

Him: I really enjoyed being able to share my individual thoughts and being able to talk about things with my fiancé. I thought the feedback was constructive.
Her: I really enjoyed our instructor’s feedback that came with each of our answers. It helped me understand more about what we are about to embark on.
Both: We appreciate being able to pace the course to our schedule that way we were able to give it our full attention