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Matt and Allison – Diocese of Arlington, VA
His impression of the prep: 
This course helps lay the groundwork and a great foundation for us to start our marriage with. It is very open and honest, which is refreshing.
Her impression of the prep: This course truly opened my eyes up to what is important as Matt and I prepare for marriage, how we can be the best versions of our selves not only through our own communication but also having God at the front as our guide through life. I learned a lot about contraception, what it does to women's bodies, and also learned even more about myself and truly what I am hoping and praying for through my marriage with Matt.
Did it meet his expectations: This course exceeded my expectations! This course went in more depth than I could imagine. It helped that we could take our time with each lesson at our own pace.
Did it meet her expectations: Yes! It did in more ways than one - it was helpful that we could go at our own pace and truly talk through our answers out loud, something that we wouldn't have made time for possibly beforehand.

Andrew and Elizabeth – Diocese of Orange, CA
His impression of the prep: It was an excellent course with the right amount of interaction and feedback. There was a good mix of learning activities including readings, audio, and videos. They were more up to date and applicable to current times.
Her impression of the prep: We really appreciated the practical aspect of our instructor's teachings and everything we learned is applicable to our future marriage.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes! It definitely met expectations, the lessons and prompts reminded me of how much there is to think about and that this is an ongoing process!
Did it meet her expectations: I was not sure what to expect but from interacting with Andrew through each lesson, I felt it met my expectations with communication and thought-provoking conversations.

Kinser and Emily – Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN
His impression of the prep: I learned a lot about the Sacrament of Marriage and gained a deeper understanding of the Catholic Church. The lessons helped Emily and I to grow closer and explore the importance of marriage together.
Her impression of the prep: I really enjoyed working together to build a stronger relationship with each other and with God. I felt this course challenged us in a great way and helped us prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes, I got a lot more out of the course than I thought. We had talked a lot about these topics with our priest and our mentor couple, but felt we were able to go evendeeper.
Did it meet her expectations: Yes, I learned a lot and appreciated that Kinser and I were able to set this time aside to work on our preparation for marriage.

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Parish Life

Andrew and Frances – Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA

Impacted his Faith: It definitely revived my faith. Being in the military, I am not surrounded by many men that share my faith. Being able to dedicate specific time to talking about these things with Frances has truly allowed me to grow closer in my relationship with God.
Impacted her Faith: It absolutely revived my faith. The questions were challenging in the best way and reminded me how important it is to maintain our faith as the center of our relationship. My prayer life has certainly grown and I feel extremely encouraged.
His parish life plan: We plan to find a new Catholic Church in Wilmington and to attend Mass together each Sunday morning.

Her parish life plan: We are in the process of finding a Catholic church that we love in Wilmington and finding ways to remain active in the church life outside of just Sunday Mass.

John and Carolina – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO

Impacted his Faith: It reaffirmed our faith and how marriage plays an important role in the role we play in God's Kingdom.
Impacted her Faith: I had not taken time, since being in this relationship with John, to really think about faith and how that fit into our lives and our future family's life. It made me really think about what is most important to me and what I want to make sure to keep top of mind throughout our marriage and as parents.
His parish life plan: We intend to actively attend church and become more involved in Parish volunteer and religious activities. When we eventually have children, we also plan to baptize and have our future children actively involved as well.

Her parish life plan: We plan on continuing to participate in weekly mass, as well as community service and other parish activities as a couple and as a family once we have children.

Kennedy and Taylor – Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI

Impacted his Faith: I really appreciate how it revived my faith. Like I said earlier, it was a very intentional way of taking time to be present with ourselves and with God and to invite Him into these conversations, something that I hope continues moving forward.
Impacted her Faith: It reminded me of those powerful God moments in the past and brought back into my life faith-based routine, prayer, and closeness with God and with Kennedy.
His parish life plan: We just hope to be more consistent with attending mass and perhaps exploring options for joining a bible study group.

Her parish life plan: I think finding community in the church through attending weekly mass as well as meeting other young couples through events and bible study could be really good for us in our active participation.

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Communication and Comments

Lucas and Nicole – Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO

How did it better your commutation: We have a solid understanding of the importance of communication, and the class brought up a few topics that we discuss, but not very often, so it reintroduced those topics which opened up communication.

Appreciated most by him: I liked that we could learn more about each other, especially because we have been together for so long and have a great relationship already. We were able to build on that and really deepen our relationship.

Appreciated most by her: I am most appreciative of quality time spent together and apart answering questions and going through the course while also deepening our faith and opening doors in our faith that we've yet to experience.

Andrew and Amy – Diocese of Columbus, OH

How did it better your commutation: It allowed us to open up to each other even more on certain topics. We have always been very honest with each other and this course just reminded us how important it is to continue that.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciate the resources and education provided in this course. It has given us helpful tools to keep our relationship strong as we take this step together.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciate the time our instructors put into our reviews and how they broke down every question and answer for us. It should how much they cared and wanted us to grow. It was very informative and we found every resource they provided to be helpful either now or in our future.

Ryan and Esmeralda  – Diocese of Sioux City, IA

How did it better your commutation: By giving us practical ways to better understand one another. It removed conversation barriers that might often be tough to get past.

Appreciated most by him: I like the time and detail the instructors provided in their answers/responses. I also enjoyed the biblical principle of it.

Appreciated most by her: All of the content was great! It really took us to the core of what a God center marriage should be. I really appreciated all the tools available to help us go deeper into every subject.