May 2nd – Justin and Michelle (Interfaith Couple) – Diocese of Sacramento, CA This course helped me realize the importance of marriage
Him: I was impressed with the detailed feedback for each of our answers. Seeing marriage through the lens of Catholicism was enlightening. It helped me realize what I need to work on as a future husband.
Her: I like how it made us discuss topics we never thought about, but will encounter as a married couple.
Both: This process allowed us to see the differences we have as a Catholic and non-Catholic. It also helped us realize what each of us may need from each other at our current stages of life.

May 3rd – Dylan and Erika – Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA “The dive into theology make me revisit my relationship with God in a different light
Him: I was honestly quite surprised with how much I enjoyed the course. I didn’t think it would make me feel closer to God, but it did. The responses from our instructors really helped me understand things better.
Her: I absolutely loved reading the responses from our instructors and I felt this course helped bring more of God in our relationship!
Both: We appreciated the fact that this course made us think critically about theology and a variety of topics relating to marriage: from spiritual, to moral, cultural, and personal.

May 4th – Mateo and Stephania – Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta “It revived my faith in every aspect
Him: I really enjoy the feedback from our instructors and how all their points related to the bible. it helped me a lot on how to include God in our relationship, how the beginning of marriage started and also how to continue working on our marriage in the future.
Her: I loved the content and how everything was explained in detailed. We took the time to read every feedback from our instructors and I was amazed with each explanation. I learned much more than I expected and it was way better because we learned together as a couple.
Both: We had a good communication before the course and now is on a different level because we feel God in our lives and feels like everything is better. We have him and that means everything for us.

May 5th – Juan and Estefany – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “Renew my desire to continue being closer to God
Him: I really appreciated learning more in depth information about the sacrament of marriage and the importance of observing a proper Catholic wedding with all the blessings that come with it. The material was very thorough and we appreciated all the feedback and additional info we received along the way as we answered.
Her: We had the opportunity to learn so much useful and wonderful things we can use in our future marriage as a couple and as a future family. I’m so thankful for all the tools you give us and how you give us all your time to help us in our preparation.
Both: Now we’re the ways to a better communication, talking when is necessary, listening to each other when we express that we need it, trying to apply all of our new acquired knowledge.

May 6th – Atticus and Britnee – Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS “The class allowed me to reflect on my life and how we can get closer to God,
Him: I feel much closer to my fiancé now. We talked so much through and deepened our relationship with God. We feel more prepared for marriage now.
Her: I loved this course. We were so thankful to find this option as it fit with our work schedules perfectly. I learned a lot and it prompted great communication between us. I really feel like we got closer to God
Both: The course prompted us to think about and talk about necessary acts of marriage. We were able to effectively communicate with the questions that were provided. We also now have more tools when it comes to forgiveness and prayer.