May 9th – Jonathon and Amanda – Diocese of Austin, TX “I appreciate the breakdown over each question and the depth our instructors went into.
Him: I feel like this class has helped Amanda and I tremendously on connecting together spiritually. It gave us topics to talk about and let us learn more about each other. We are closer to God and do plan on continuing living through him.

Her: I truly enjoyed this class. It allowed JC and I to dig deep and have tough conversations we wouldn't normally have. Overall, it was a great experience.
Both: This class helped us grow closer to God and motivated us to go to church more and let that be an important part in our marriage.

May 10th – Zac and Lynne – Diocese of Memphis, TN This was a very great program.
Him: I really enjoyed the conversations that came from this course and the overall time that I got to spend with Lynne doing something intentional.

Her: I really appreciated the time that we got to spend together and also the meaningful feedback from our teachers. You could tell that they really took the time to try and help us through the process and increase our understanding.
Both: It just opened up more respectful conversations about things that will be valuable and essential as we move forward in our marriage. It also gave us the TOOLS to continue these practices over the years.

May 11th – Prescott and Tessa – Diocese of Manchester, NH “It made me realize that I wanted faith to be a bigger part of my life
Him: Very uplifting and made me think about our relationship from a lot of different angles. Added a lot of perspective to just how important getting married is and how important it is for God and Faith to be part of our relationship for the rest of our lives

Her: It emphasized to me the importance of God in our marriage and brought me closer to my faith. It helped strengthen our bond and inspired us to live a more meaningful and happy life with God as a major part.
Both: It exceeded our expectations in terms of how much we enjoyed it and got out of it.

May 12th – Chris and Jenna   – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “It reminded me of how much God has provided us to create a healthy marriage
Him: I think it was helpful to have others who have gone through a similar experience with marriage to help guide us and explain all of the topics and answers.

Her: It was easy to follow along with and hit some important topics that ga ve us a great way to initiate conversations about our marriage and future.
Both: We feel more in touch with God's word, seeing how much his guidance from the Bible can be used in our marriage.

May 13th – Charles and Mary– Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD “It allowed us to practically plan important steps in our marriage
Him: This class was a great way for us to prepare for marriage and begin having the necessary conversations to prepare for this Sacrament.

Her: As Chad said, this course allowed us to open the lines of communication and begin talking about important topics in our marriage. We loved how this course offered us the flexibility to complete each lesson on our own time and in our own home.
Both: As we get married and have children, we want Christ to be at the center of our marriage and this course helped us remember that.