May 16th – Salvador and Raquel – Archdiocese of Galveston- Houston, TX “This experience was unforgettable
Him: I thoroughly enjoyed the class and gathered a lot information from it. Some which I wouldn't have thought of myself. This was a great spiritual experience for my future wife and myself.

Her: I absolutely loved this class I enjoyed having a more spiritual conversation with my future husband and learning the importance of receiving God in our marriage and in our life.
Both: So many deep conversations were triggered during our lessons and gave us more insight in our faith and future selves.

May 17th – Matt and Marissa – Diocese of Lafayette, LA“It brought my faith back into my life daily

Him: It was broken down into easy-to-understand sections, the couple we were paired with did an awesome job explaining the exercises when we did well and when we did not understand, and it helped Marissa and I to ultimately strengthen our relationship with God.

Her: I loved being paired with a couple, it really made things real for us and they helped us break things down in a way we were able to understand. Matt and I were able to strengthen our faith together.
Both: It brought up tough topics that we knew we needed to talk about, or problems that we knew we faced, and gave us an answer key: Christ! We have learned more about each other, and thus have a deeper respect, and can understand each other's needs better. These all lead to better communication.

May 18th – Thai and Duong – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA
“I appreciated the convenience of this course
Him: I felt like it was very in-depth with all the questions and reviews. Having our instructors walk with us through this journey helped out so much.

Her: I feel much closer to God and to Duong. Having this course makes us work together helped us understand together.

Both: Helped us understand our relationship a lot more. It helped bring us even closer together.

May 19th – Name – Diocese of Allentown, PA “it brought me back closer to God like when I was younger
Him: This class opened my eyes to seeing the true meaning of God's word and how to become one with Him and my soon to be wife.

Her: I enjoyed this course because it helped us to have discussions that we may not have had before marriage. It reinforced our love for each other and our faith.
Both: This was such a great course and we thoroughly enjoyed completing it together.

May 20th – Brendan and Nicole – Diocese of Springfield, MA “It makes me want to ensure that our marriage involves God 100%
Him: We learned a lot about ourselves, as well as our relationship with God and how we can incorporate that into our daily marriage life.

Her: It was amazing. Our instructors were so helpful with their comments, as well as the readings and information provided will help us for a lifetime.

Both: It was very nice to read the feedback from our mentors, it helped us apply what we learned better.