May 23rd – Curtis and Rachel – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “I appreciated how scriptures were incorporated in nearly every lesson.
Him: This course challenged us in numerous ways, and that's what I was most looking forward to. I wanted to learn more about my faith and why the sacrament of marriage is so sacred. I enjoyed reading the scriptures and learning how they are grounded in marriage and the Catholic faith. I look forward to implementing these life lessons into our marriage.

Her: The class helped us grow a deeper understanding of marriage and what it means to our faith. It was the first time I feel like we openly discussed scripture together and apply it to situations in our life. It was something I wish to continue to do throughout our lives and our marriage.
Both: Even though this was a virtual option it was great to still have feedback on our answers and get advice for what we're about to embark on our life together.

May 24th – Will and Dominique (interfaith) – Archdiocese of Miami, FL “It led us into deep and meaningful conversations.
Him: Not being a Catholic, I entered this class with little understanding of the Catholic belief system. Not only was the course very educational, it gave us the opportunity to have great discussions, learn more about each other and set a path for our marriage.

Her: The class was well outlined. It provided us with several useful tools we can utilize to grow our relationships with each other and with God.
Both: It was a reminder of the reasons it is important to keep Christ the center of your relationship.

May 25th – Zachary and Khanh – Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam This course has definitely taught me so many valuable things that every single Catholic individual should know.
Him: I think this is the class that every couple should take before their wedding. The course has given us the insights of a successful and holy marriage.

Her: I really enjoyed being able to talk to my husband about our relationship with God and with each other. The course has also given me lot of new knowledge on how we should raise our family in a Christian manner.
Both: It has helped us understand deeper the aspects of being a holy married couple.

May 26th – Justin and Megan – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “The subjects were great and very informative.

Him: I found the class to be very insightful and informative. Going into the class I had assumed I would know majority of the content but was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is more to marriage than what they teach in Catholic school.

Her: The class does a good job at getting into the details that not really thought of during the marriage process. For example, this class really forced us to consider our goals, how God will fit into our marriage, and discuss things we may not have talked about before.
Both: It reinforced the teachings we hear at Mass and gave us a better understanding of many different readings.

May 27th – Salvador and Anais – Archdiocese of Chicago, IL “It got us to start thinking a lot deeper.
Him: This course was great, helped us both to deepen our conversations and prepared us both for what’s to come. The feedback, guidance from our instructors, and the material they gave us was perfect

Her: The course opened us to have deeper conversations, we spend so much time together, and our instructors really keep us feeling great about what we were answering and guided us when we needed more explanation.

Both: Our instructors are really helpful. We didn’t feel discouraged when we answered incorrectly because they guided us onto the correct path.