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Robert and Lori (Civilly Married) – Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston- Houston, TX
His impression of the prep: 
I went in to this marriage prep thinking that we did not need it because we have been married for 22 years. However, from the beginning I recognized that the sessions were focused on biblical teachings an aspect of marital life. It presented questions that had not crossed my mind. Between us having to deep dive and answer these questions, plus the feedback from our sponsors, I found this course to not only be interesting, but absolutely necessary for anyone wishing to get married.
Her impression of the prep: I completely concur. We thought this would address the practicalities of marriage instead of the spiritual aspects. We really learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Did it meet his expectations: It far exceeded my expectations.
Did it meet her expectations: It exceeded our expectations!

John and Megan – Archdiocese of New York, NY
His impression of the prep: 
This course deepened my understanding of marriage and faith. Not only do I feel like I know Meg better than I did before, I feel confident that we will be great partners in life. This course served as a great foundation for Meg and I to build upon as we work towards fulfilling our promises to one another. This course ignited thoughtful and critical conversation between us and provided us with tools on communication, respect, and love.
Her impression of the prep: I truly loved this course. This course really helped me to better understand the sacrament of matrimony and my purpose as a wife and future mother. This course helped John and I reflect upon our past and think about our future. This course helped to prepare us for the great journey we are about to embark upon together. We have a true understanding of the commitment we are making to one another.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes, this course did meet my expectations. I expected to walk away from the course more informed and prepared.
Did it meet her expectations: Yes, absolutely! This course met my expectations. Many friends have told us that doing such a course would help us feel more at ease and comfortable come the day of the wedding, and life.

Rafael and Lizzette – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX
His impression of the prep: My overall impression is that it's a great class, it really helps you and makes you dig deep into what marriage is really about. It was a great overall experience made me look into marriage a whole different way.
Her impression of the prep: I feel I grew so much with every assignment. It really opened my eyes and my heart to God and for God. This preparation was much more than I expected, I hadn't realized how little I knew about each and every subject. It made me want to follow God even more. I will take everything learned in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. I also feel it helped both of us respect each other and understand each other more, and also understand how important communication is. I think it also helped both of us more understanding of what God wants from both men and women and why God made each of us different.
Did it meet his expectations: It exceeded my expectation.
Did it meet her expectations: It definitely exceeded my expectations.

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Parish Life

Mitchel and Barbara – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX

Impacted his Faith: It definitely revived my faith and has inspired me to be more active in the Church.
Impacted her Faith: I feel like I get caught up in just coasting through life and the day-to-day routine.  Going through this material made me think about so much more and remember why I'm here and my mission for Christ.  As a Catholic school graduate, I learned many of these things, but it definitely has a different meaning now (and especially as I enter this next chapter with Mitch).

His parish life plan: I am inspired to become active within the Knights of Columbus again.

Her parish life plan: We really want to be more faithful in our attendance to mass.  For years we've talked about how to become more active in the parish but have never prioritized that, but this last lesson brought to light how we need to change that.

Daniel and Elli – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO

Impacted his Faith: The increased deep dive into the scripture around marriage and what is the deeper meaning around them.
Impacted her Faith: It gave me the resources on how my faith applies to marriage. How God calls us to act in marriage and for each other. It made me realize just how much he does love marriage and us and how important that is to him. And has made me so excited to pursue God through our marriage.

His parish life plan: I’ve always wanted to be involved as an extraordinary minister or a musician in the choir. But I would be most useful in assisting with the server program due to my heavy experience with it. Also, couples counseling and assisting with RCIA would be something Elli and I would love to do together.

Her parish life plan: I know we both have talked about wanting to start attending a bible study where we can both get invoiced and learn more about our faith as a couple and individually. As well as going mass, making sure we’re frequenting the sacraments.

Luis and Daniella – Diocese of Monterey, CA

Impacted his Faith: It revived me in my faith by getting closer with God and with Daniella with love and respect each other’s option.
Impacted her Faith: I believe it revived my faith by bringing me closer to God and understanding the meaning of marriage and everything it entitles and how it connects us as a couple to God.

His parish life plan: The plan is to continue to go to mass every Sunday, holy days, and pray every morning and night read the Bible and reflect the word of our lord.

Her parish life plan: My plans to solidify my relationship with Christ and actively participate in parish life are continuing to actively attend church, help with parish activities throughout the year, actively attend reconciliation, and pray every day for guidance and protection from God.

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Communication and Comments

Ricardo and Evelyn – Diocese of Oakland, CA

How did it better your commutation: Yes, because we were in a way forced to talk about touchy subjects and come up with answers to the questions. We had to work together and in doing so it sparked conversations. We ended up talking to hours at a time.

Appreciated most by him: That the topics made us open up about certain things like pornography, unfaithfulness, money. We ended up talking for hours about these things and we became closer.

Appreciated most by her: The touchier subjects made us talk for hours and I realized this is why I chose to marry Ricky. We share the same ideas, morals, and values. I also enjoyed dissecting the Bible together, hearing his interpretations and mine and coming together. It was a great experience.

Rick and Laura – Diocese of Salt Lake City, UT

How did it better your commutation: By bringing up many difficult discussions, and us working together to create our best answer. We had discussed our differences, and our dealbreakers in the past, but this brought up so many deep and difficult topics that we had to use our differences together.

Appreciated most by him: I really appreciated looking at the marriage throughout the Church's eyes. I also really enjoyed the time we spent discussing and praying together.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated that they taught us beyond what one expects. I did not imagine that they would teach us about listening and the tools to grow together, discover the enemy between us, our weaknesses and how we can solve them. That part seemed great and very useful.

Connor and Janet – Diocese of of Oakland, CA

How did it better your commutation: It brought up some new topics for us and really helped us think through some things.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated the thoroughness of the reviews. It helped us go through the content a second time with fresh eyes and new information. With additional resources if we needed them.

Appreciated most by her: Learning about the real experiences and vulnerability of our instructors in the context of our course. It helped contextualize a lot of the learnings.