May 30th – John and Erin – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I loved the personal connection we made with each other and the instructors.
Him: This class was a great way to prepare us for marriage, refresh us on our catholic teachings and help us grow together as we prepare for our wedding.

Her: I thought this class was extremely beneficial. It taught us both new things about our faith and what to expect from our marriage.

Both: The topics in the class really helped us each individually and as a couple grow together.

May 31st – Eric and Tarah – Archdiocese of Washington, DC “The course offered so many options for open communication and thoughtful conversation.
Him: I was wondering if doing this online would diminish value, but we got so much out of our instructor’s feedback on each of our worksheets. We were also able to dive into questions we haven't thought much about; it led to great conversation.

Her: All of the responses that we received from the worksheets were extremely thoughtful - we not only got reactions to our own answers, but also supplemental documents and things to continue to learn and grow. It was enlightening!

Both: The course opened us up to areas we don't really talk about on a daily basis, which made us think harder and longer about how we feel or what we're thinking. We got better at articulating things to each other, and overall, just opened up more!

June 1st – Daynon and Agnieszka – Diocese of Oakland, CA “This class kept us talking for hours about a topic.
Him: I enjoyed this class a lot, it brought me closer to my wife and God. It made me think outside of the box and brought up conversations about our future life.

Her: I enjoyed this class, it taught me a lot about my faith and my future marriage. I loved the way it stirred up the conversations with my husband and how it brought us closer together.

Both: It was a great class, we loved going through the feedback, which felt very personal and caring.

June 2nd – Mark and Tramy – Archdiocese of Seattle, WA “I felt reinvigorated after each lesson.
Him: The marriage prep class was very convenient for me. I appreciated this as I am currently active duty in the military. I enjoyed that it was a go at your own pace course. Would recommend to anyone that needed to complete such a course.

Her: Since we live on different sides of the country this made the challenge of being able to complete the catholic marriage prep course online very easy.

Both: We appreciate the ability to do this marriage prep while in a long-distance relationship, it was very convenient.

June 3rd – Pedro and Martha (Civilly Married)– Diocese of San Antonio, TX “The course revived my faith.
Him: I enjoyed the thought provoking questions that me and my wife would discuss mutually. Many of the questions and our answers gave us better insight into not only ourselves as people but our marriage and family.

Her: I enjoyed having a number of resources to reference on each topic. Additionally, the questions were very probing and allowed for self-reflection and marriage reflection

Both: We have more clarity and understanding of what a Christ like marriage is supposed to be and not only what we expect from each other but what God expects from us as Catholics.