June 6th – Jeremie and Kylie – Diocese of Manchester, NH “I feel like the sacrament of marriage will have so much more meaning to us now.
Him: This class really took me deeper into what it means to be a godly husband, and how to bring God into our relationship so we can grow deeper in our faith together.

Her: I love how in depth we went into scripture, and how the vows were broken down into understandable chunks. I feel like I learned so much from this class, not only about the history of marriage in the Bible, but also how to have a godly marriage.

Both: Praying together and understanding a bit more about each other helped us to communicate better, and we are better at defusing arguments.

June 7th – Robert and Jessica – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB This course encouraged us to discuss scriptures together
Him: I thought that this marriage preparation course was very beneficial. We were taught what to expect from marriage and new things about our faith.

Her: This course was an excellent way to prepare us for marriage. It helped us grow together as we prepare for our wedding and was a great way to refresh us on our catholic teachings.
Both: This course allowed us to grow as a couple. It challenged us and made us understand how sacred marriage really is.

June 8th – Leon and Michaela– Columbus, OH “I think every couple should do a course like this prior to marriage, no matter their religion!
Him: It really allowed us to open up to our faith and got us actively thinking and communicating about all aspects of married life.

Her: I really enjoyed taking this course. I learned a lot about the sacrament and scripture that I don't think I would have learned to this extent otherwise. Our instructors were amazing mentors and I really appreciate their time and effort in preparing us for this sacrament.

Both: We really appreciated the connection we made with our instructors and the effort they put into the feedback for each response. They really helped facilitate our understanding of Matrimony.

June 9th – Brian and Keely– Diocese of Austin, TX “Revived the importance of God in my life and the power of Holy Matrimony.
Him: I thought the course was great. So informative, and sparked many important conversations between Keely and I!

Her: I thought it was wonderful! The topics. The breadth of knowledge that it covered. And it brought up so many topics that are important to talk about!

Both: It sparked many conversations and made known the importance of active listening.               

June 10th – Joseph and Julia – Diocese of Boston, MA “We are now even more in line and confident in our beliefs.
Him: This was a strong learning and education of the Catholic teachings and how to ensure we apply in our lives moving forward.

Her: I found this experience really rewarding when it came to strengthening our relationship in Christ and preparing for a Catholic marriage.

Both: It helped give us a clear direction for our marriage to make sure we are keeping Christ at the center