June 20th – A.J. and Melody (Cilivy married) – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “We appreciate all the guidance and support”
Him: Very educational class on marriage. Although we have been together for 10 years, it brought our relationship to a different level.

Her: Agreed, we enjoyed this class and are happy that it brings us another step closer to God.

Both: We plan to bring our marriage into God’s eyes and continue on our path!

June 21st – Keith and Lydia – Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO “This course helped both of us to open up.”
Him: I thought the course prepared us well to get married. I thought the topics covered were well thought out and helped us have deep conversations.

Her: I believe we are well-prepared to get married. The course covered necessary topics to prepare couples for marriage. I recommend this course to any couple who are long distance.

Both: We will be going to Mass more, praying together more, and participating in our parish.

June 22nd – Nicholas and Victoria – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “I appreciated the conversation starters and scenarios to help build a good foundation for our marriage”
Him: Very eye-opening and insightful. I learned a lot and opened up a lot of discussions. I really liked the feedback in each module.

Her: I thought this was an awesome experience for both of us. Even though we have had many of these discussions before, it was nice to dig a little deeper in preparation for our wedding.

Both: We were able to navigate through some issues and how to work with each other in times of heated topics. What Victoria expects in times of hardships and what Nick needs to move past hard times.

June 23rd – Chris and Mary Kate – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “The feedback and real-life examples were amazingly helpful”
Him: I enjoyed it! I appreciated all the feedback/resource links and it is nice being able to go back and see what you wrote to us!

Her: I loved being able to take the class at our own pace and as an introvert the conversations were easier to have one-on-one than in a group setting.

Both: We appreciated the real-life feedback most. Getting advice from a married couple not within our family helps us get a different perspective!

June 24th – Jorge and Jacqueline – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “This course made me want to dig deeper into my bible”
Him: I absolutely loved this course. Jackie and I were able to talk about so many topics which made us even closer as a couple. I would recommend more young adults to do this course.

Her: I loved all of these courses. It was interactive and fun at the same time. We were able to sit down and talk about things that we were not clear about and even get feedback from our wonderful, helpful instructors.

Both: We have always had great communication but this course helped us solidify it.