June 27th – Ryan and Gabrielle – Archdiocese of Cincinnati, OH “This course caused my interest and passion in God to be renewed even deeper.”
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The lessons were engaging and prompted self-reflection as well as productive discussion between my partner and I. I am grateful for this course because I think it has helped us deepen our connection and secure the foundations of our relationship.

Her: I was very impressed with this course. The coursework was intentional and guided us through thinking and talking about God, our marriage, and the future. The feedback was very specific and helpful in guiding our thinking for the future as well!

Both: While the lessons were incredible it was really special to receive feedback from a couple who is rooted in their faith. They have been where we are now, so their guidance, advice, and knowledge is what were most appreciative of.

June 28th – Peter and Stephanie – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “This course made me understand more and have a stronger faith”
Him: I appreciated the in-depth questions and the conversations that followed between my fiancé and I.

Her: I feel like our instructors listened to us without judgment and gave excellent tools for succeeding in a marriage. Because of this class, I feel better prepared to recognize and address challenges with my future husband.

Both: Helped give a basis for where each of us stands in relation to each other and God, and what our duties are to each other.

June 29th – Kevan and Alexis – Diocese of Allentown, PA “It helped affirm my faith in God”
Him: This course was thought provoking and really made us think and work together to discuss multiple scenarios involving our faith, love for one another and God and our intentions to be married in the Church.

Her: This course was insightful and helped us discuss some topics further. It was nice to talk through some of these important subjects and feel even more confident in our journey. The instructor feedback was helpful by offering a perspective we may not have thought of.

Both: It improved our communication because there were many situations/topics that we haven't ever discussed.

June 30th – Michael and Lisa– Archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada “After this course, I am encouraged to give my faith to the Catholic Church.”
Him: It gave us a chance to talk about ourselves in a big picture sense. Be able to do this at our own pace was a perk. I feel more prepared for this next step than I did before the course.

Her: I feel like this course opened up discussions we probably wouldn't have thought to have on our own, and I appreciate the openness and honesty that encouraged.

Both: The manner in which the feedback from our instructors was delivered is amazing. Great tone through written correspondence. We felt comfortable and actually looked forward to reading it.

July 1st – Matthew and Taylor – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I have been praying more with my fiancé”
Him: This class really taught me a lot about marriage and reminded me of all the reasons why marriage is so sacred.

Her: This class reminded me to always put God first and that by putting God first, we will be closer in our relationship.

Both: This really highlighted the importance of marriage. We have had more thoughtful conversations about our relationship with God also.