Top 3

Spencer and Shelby – Diocese of Savannah, GA
His impression of the prep: 
I enjoyed how we could go at our own pace based on our schedule. I thought each section with the associated questions and work we went through was really valuable. We had many deep conversations regarding the subject matter, and it has helped us tremendously in preparing for marriage.
Her impression of the prep: I loved that we could go at your own speed, and there were so many thought-provoking questions and subjects throughout the course.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes - being Catholic my whole life, I knew the course would be of good quality, and again, we're both very happy we had the flexibility of going at our own pace.
Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it reminded me of RCIA in its subject matter and structure, but obviously more focused on marriage and parenting.

Joshua and Mackenzie – Archdiocese of Denver, CO
His impression of the prep: This class taught me so much! I learned about myself, Mackenzie, marriage, the Catholic Church, God, and so much more! I never expected to have the conversations that Mackenzie and I had and I will cherish those conversations forever now!
Her impression of the prep: This course brought so much light and insight to my life. I feel like I am fully prepared for marriage and I am so glad that Josh and I got to experience this together - we feel unstoppable now.
Did it meet his expectations: It exceeded my expectations.
Did it meet her expectations: It did meet my expectations! I learned about God and what it means to receive the sacrament of marriage among much more!

Ryan and Brittany – Diocese of Sacramento, CA
His impression of the prep: This course was very informative and reflective. It allowed us to have some great conversations about our relationship (some not so easy) as well as our faith and what it means to be married. After taking this course, I feel that we are more prepared for this sacrament of marriage.
Her impression of the prep: This class gave opportunities for myself and Ryan to give insights into ourselves and each other more than I expected in the beginning. After some deep reflection and prayer, I was able to learn more about my faith and adapt my new knowledge into my everyday life. This, in my opinion, strengthened the love I have for the religion I was brought up in and heightened my appreciation for Ryan and this union we are about to enter into.
Did it meet his expectations: This course exceeded my expectations. Going into this course, I had a thought of what it might be like. I thought that we would be learning about our faith and what it means to be married in the Catholic church. That was what this course was. However, I did not anticipate the amount of deep conversations and discussions that would be taking place. There were conversations that really helped us see our relationship in a different perspective. It reminded us of our faith in God and that we are entering into this sacrament for not only us, but him as well. All in all, this course was more than what I expected in a good way.
Did it meet her expectations: This course did meet my expectations in the sense that it gave me a large amount of valuable information. However, there was only one way it did not meet my expectations, and that had to do with the way I go about my day-to-day life. I found myself praying more often than I used to as well as finding random moments throughout my day where I cannot just talk to God about my problems or concerns, but to merely thank Him for all he has given me; most especially each day I was able to wake up. After each course, I became more aware of my blessings and learned how not to take each day or breath for granted. That is ultimately the most important lesson that I think will aid me as I enter into marriage with Ryan.

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Parish Life

Austin and Emily – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA

Impacted his Faith: Yes, it did because this course helped me understand the sacrament of marriage more in terms of how it is viewed in the eyes of God and His Church and it made me think more about why I am getting married which made me even more excited.
Impacted her Faith: It helped me revive my faith by feeling very motivated. It helped motivate me by providing a clear direction and understanding of what to focus on and different supports we can use throughout our marriage. Sometimes I felt a little lost with "why am I getting married into the Catholic Church?" I wanted to so bad, but I wanted to feel confident in understanding the full WHY, and now I feel like I understand that and it makes me excited.

His parish life plan: I plan on being more active in the parish I belong to and try my best to make it to weekly mass. Also, I think it would be great to get to know more people that belong to the parish and take part in activities that the parish holds.

Her parish life plan: I plan to be more active in our home parish. I want to continue to go to church every Sunday, but more so I want to become more active in activities. I want to continue to pray more, but also build habits with Austin together as couple to help us maintain and continue to grow our relationship with Christ individual and as a couple.

Landon and Ally – Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO

Impacted his Faith: I feel like this course helped me understand my faith more. Even after going to Catholic school, I feel like this course goes in depth just enough to truly understand the meaning behind everything.
Impacted her Faith: I do believe this course revived my faith, it helped me understand things that I couldn't fully grasp originally. It made me want to get more involved in my Faith and understand things more

His parish life plan: Our plan is to try and continuously attend Mass more frequently, even if we aren't able to go together.

Her parish life plan: Our plan is to also get more involved within our home parish and all of the events, ect.

Juan and Sharlene – Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA

Impacted his Faith: Before this course, I was not sure what to expect. I felt like after taking these courses, God has helped me better in my relationship with communication and a deeper understanding of marriage.
Impacted her Faith: This course has helped me understand the importance of being married within the church. It has helped me and my partner communicate with each other in different ways and has helped me understand the true meaning of marriage and what a healthy marriage looks like and how we can get there as a strong couple.

His parish life plan: I hope to be able to register to a church as a couple once we are married, and to take part in sacraments even when we have a family.

Her parish life plan: I hope to also register to a church with our family and actively go to mass throughout my life and marriage.

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Communication and Comments

Jonathan and Danielle – Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD

How did it better your commutation: We loved the “Active Listening” process and how to word things the appropriate way so that our partners do not feel attacked and that they are being heard. We just practiced this, this past weekend. It was great!

Appreciated most by him: I believe communication is key and even though Danielle had touched base with a lot of the easy and difficult conversations before we started this, this opened up even more conversations that we hadn’t discussed that I felt were extremely important. This also helped me understand a lot more of the Catholic faith and the reason behind the teachings.

Appreciated most by her: I love that this was almost like a therapeutic process with not only each other but God. It was such a great learning experience and I’m glad that this was able to explain things further into depth to Jon than I could. I seriously recommend this to anyone. Even if they are not Catholic, I feel as if they need to go through some sort of marriage prep class because I really do believe this will help develop a forever lasting marriage.

Nick and Marie – Diocese of Helena, MT

How did it better your commutation: It improved our communication in that it allowed us to talk through our similarities as well as our differences.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated the conversations I had with my partner and how it brought us closer. I also liked the way they explained marriage according to the scriptures. I also liked learning about the roles of me and women in a marriage.

Appreciated most by her: I liked learning about marriage and what the bible had to say about it. It made me realize that what God wants isn't all that complicated. It made me feel like I can really picture a marriage with God in the center because my partner and I are both on the same page with a lot of things thanks to the conversations that the classes brought up.

Connor and Janae – Diocese of Syracuse, NY

How did it better your commutation: This course improved our communication because it helped us to discuss topics that are a part of marriage that many do not think about. Also, it helped us to have in depth discussions regarding the religious aspects of marriage that are important to understand and be on the same page as each other.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated the feedback from the instructors the most as it provided real time analysis and feedback regarding our answers and helped us to further understand and elaborate on the elements contained in the course. Also, the feedback provided helped us to incorporate the religious elements of the course in a deeper level using the guidance of the instructors.

Appreciated most by her: Similar to him, I appreciated the instructor feedback as I felt as though they got to know us from our responses and provided extremely valuable feedback regarding our responses as well as the lessons of each portion of the course with advice on how to incorporate the lessons into our everyday life and continue to grow as a couple.