July 4th – Cole and Sophie – Diocese of Springfield, IL “I was skeptical about an online course, but it was so rewarding and educational!”
Him: I feel we were able to open up about our faith more deeply than we have before. We learned so much through this course!

Her: I loved being able to dive into each section and bounce our opinions and beliefs off of each other. I feel I love him even more now than before!
Both: It helped us be more open with one another with our faith and communicating with God together. We will make it more routine for sure!

July 5th – Timothy and Emily– Diocese of Toledo, OH “I was able to really get a good grasp and view of the Catholic faith through these course topics”

Him: I thought this class was very insightful, and it brought great topics for discussion.

Her: I found this class to be very helpful. I loved to learn about the different parts of the church and marriage.

Both: We were able to openly discuss all topics throughout this course which helped our communication between each other.

July 6th – Alex and Morgan – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I could tell that we were very cared about.”
Him: This course taught us so much about our relationship and gave us tools rooted in faith to progress forward together.

Her: This course was great, and we loved how we were able to complete sessions on our own time!

Both: This course inspired us to think about how God is there for us in every situation, and how through difficult times we should lean on him together.

July 7th – Sherman and Leandra (Interfaith & civilly married) – Diocese ofSan Bernardino, CA “This course absolutely revived my desire to become closer to God.”
Him: I was able to support my wife and learn new concepts and tools that will definitely help our marriage continue to grow.

Her: I enjoyed the class and I was always eager to wake up in the morning to check the feedback from on our assignments. Our instructors gave us detailed comments that helped and reminded me of topics I haven't thought of in years.

Both: It helped improve communication. We haven't sat together in a long time. We went over the questions and came up with answers together and separately. It was nice!

July 8th – Guillermo and Gwendoline – Luçon, Commune in France “It bonded us!”
Him: Very informative and also very personal

Her: I love that it was so intimate and personal. Our instructors were great and made us feel very cared for. Also, the content was truly good: we learnt a lot!!

Both: We want to get more connected to God and start going to Confession.