July 11th – Steven and Lindsey – Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “This program was a great way to strengthen the faith within our relationship and kickstart the rest of our lives”

Him: I thought it was a good class. It not only discussed topics important to any young faith-based couple, but it showed the bible's guidance for various situations we can expect to encounter in life.

Her: We were given comments and constructive feedback quickly and efficiently. The course was organized in an easy-to-follow format with enough time to discuss answers to questions at our own pace.

Both: We feel that our relationship with each other is not only strengthened, but so is our relationship with God. This course reminded us that God is the forefront of our relationship, and that we can lean on him in the good times and bad.

July 12th – Vince and Alexa – Diocese of San Francisco, CA “I feel closer to God individually and as a couple”

Him: Enlightening to learn about how marriage is defined in the Church and it brought us closer.

Her: It was great to be able to do this in the comfort of our own home. It allows for deeper conversation because you are not with other people. Loved learning and all the things we were able to talk about.

Both: We sat down and communicated with zero distractions. No phones out, no TV on, we made sure while we were doing this class this was all we were doing and it definitely helped with our communication overall.

July 13th – Jacob and Rhiannon (Interfaith)– Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “It was an awesome course”

Him: Being a non-Catholic I really enjoyed learning about what my soon to be wife believes and having very in-depth conversations about what married life will bring and be for us both.

Her: I loved answering what I knew of our catholic religion and getting the feedback from our amazing couples and really learning more in depth reasoning beside things I thought I already knew. It brought me and Jacob a lot closer as we discussed things we never have before.

Both: We absolutely enjoyed all of this course and the instructors we worked with. We feel more ready than ever to walk into this marriage understanding everything it is.

July 14th – Dylan and Amy – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “This helped me see how turning to the Church can help us through everything and that we are not alone”

Him: This was very informative as I did not grow up Catholic and just converted. I really liked the online answer portal too that gave us freedom to answer with our own words.

Her: I loved this course! It gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself and my fiancé.

Both: It definitely had us talk about things we had not considered before!

July 15th – Javier and Linsey – Diocese of Gary, IN “It made us want to do a better job with building and strengthening our faith and relationship with God”'

Him: This was an excellent class. I learned so much about God and religion in general. It also helped me get closer to my future spouse. It was nice to share so many thoughts with my future spouse and learn more about each other. This is a great class and it really prepared me for marriage in a way that I couldn't have without taking this class.

Her: I am very happy and thankful to have done the Catholic marriage prep course. I think it enlightening and gave us the tools to succeed in marriage and create a closer bond with God than I had before. Lindsey and Shawn were great mentors and I would recommend this course to others who are preparing for marriage.

Both: It gave us the tools to handle situations that may be harder to address and how to make our statements more neutral and non-confrontational.