July 18th – Hernan and Yanna – Diocese of Madison, WI “What I appreciated the most was the personalized, honest, and real feedback we got”
Him: I truly enjoyed the class. I learned so much and reflected on so much that will shape our marriage. The readings, the lessons, and the tailored approach made it so engaging, refreshing, and just so wonderfully useful. I truly loved it.

Her: I really enjoyed the lessons! They were wonderfully personal and tailored to our situation. The supporting couple was so kind with us and helped us learn more about the word of God. I really enjoyed the reflection that this course invited and hope to continue to reflect upon God's role in our marriage. It is memorable and the lessons are so useful!
Both: We really liked the wonderfully personalized and human responses and feedback that we received. It was very helpful for the couple to give modern examples of the scriptures and concrete ways to practice the lessons in our married lives.

July 19th – Brandon and Jennifer – Diocese of Fort Worth, TX “This course has inspired my love for prayer again”
Him: The class was informative and brought us closer together. It guided us to have a longer lasting, more understanding relationship with each other.

Her: It sparked a lot of conversation between us that helped us grow in many topics and in our relationship. It was convenient in its ability to be online, and our instructors were very understanding and kind.
Both: The feedback from our instructors were sometimes very enlightening, when explaining specific bible verses and teachings of the Church.

July 20th – Jesus and Elizabeth – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “I really learned a lot of useful skills that can help me be closer to God”
Him: The class was very informative and I gained a better understanding of my relationship with God.
Her: This class gave me knowledge on the importance of matrimony and its true meaning. I gained tools that I will use in my marriage and continue to grow my relationship with God.
Both: It improved our communication because it made us feel closer and learn how to communicate our needs.

July 21st – Luke and Gabi – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA  “It helped me know that God is always going to provide for us”

Him: This class was wonderful. It brought us closer together with each other and with God. It taught us many wonderful things about the Sacrament that we are about to enter into together. It was very personable, and I truly believe that the things we learned will help us have a long, fruitful, and holy marriage.
Her: It brought us closer together and made us a better couple. It taught us to communicate better and more ways of praying, planning a family, and more.
Both: It stated ways on how to communicate more deeply, how to grow deeper together as a couple, and taught us many great ways on how to have a great and lasting marriage.

July 22nd – Samuel and Gabriella – Diocese of Greensburg, PA  “It challenged me to think more in depth”
Him: I believe this strengthened our relationship!

Her: This class helped me to dive deeper into my religion and to learn how to become closer with my partner.
Both: It showed us how important it is in our relationship to communicate with one another.