July 25th – Fernando and Ashley – Archdiocese of Galveston Houston, TX“The reviews from our instructors were my favorite part!”
Him: Every single assignment was explained thoroughly, our instructors were very attentive in responding to all of our answers.

Her: So many conversations that my fiancé and I️ had thanks to this course. Loved our instructors!

Both: This course sparked many conversations that without it, we never dived deep into. All channels of communications are now open here. This is something we will never forget.

July 26th – Sebastian and Caitlin – Archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada“Helped me develop a better understanding of my own relationship with God.”

Him: It was a lot of fun and opened my eyes to questions about what we can do to improve our relationship with each other and with God throughout our marriage.

Her: The online nature of the course make it extremely practical for us to take our time and have great discussions. The feedback from our instructions was awesome and very quick which was greatly appreciated! I think with the discussions we’ve had we have already become stronger in connection with each other and with God.

Both: We asked more questions that we hadn’t thought of before in regards to marriage and were able to openly communicate about our concerns and excitements for the future.

July 27th – Steven and Lauren – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “I loved the layout of the courses”
Him: This course made you THINK and consider your juxtaposition within the confines of Catholic teaching. I really grew in my faith, and am sure this course has set a solid foundation for our marriage.

Her: I was really skeptical of this class, especially with it being online. But oh, my goodness was I wrong. What a wealth of knowledge this class is and the amount I have learned in my faith. It was the perfect class to get me ready for marriage. Very well done.

Both: The conversations we had from this course were so deep! The information provided made us think, and we were able to better understand one another better. We couldn't recommend this class more. You walk away feeling more prepared for marriage.

July 28th – Todd and Alexa (Interfaith)– Diocese of Joliet, IL“I learned so much more about the sacrament of marriage”

Him: I am protestant so it was very helpful to learn more about the Catholic Church's understanding and teaching on marriage and all that comes with it.

Her: This was exactly what we needed during this busy season! Amidst the business of planning, kept us focused on what is most important!

Both: We talked through some hard conversations we had been putting off. That was very good for us.

July 29th – Shane and Iman – Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “This course went beyond my expectation. Amazing.”

Him: In a time where we rely on online courses to keep us safe, you all did an amazing job constructing a course that keeps us engaged and excited for the next lesson. I am forever appreciative about you giving me a deeper understanding about the importance of faith in our marriage.

Her: This was a great experience to see where Shane and I both stand when it comes to our readiness for marriage. This course shed a light on both of our individual thoughts and experiences but brought us closer together in the several lessons where it asked for us to answer together. 10/10!

Both: This course brought up topics that wouldn't regularly be talked about in our home. Being pushed to talk about financial situations, protecting our home from temptations from our children and ourselves, and the act of praying together daily has been one of the best outcomes of this course.