Top 3

Andrew and Sabrina – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO
His impression of the prep: I loved it, from start to finish. Some of these lessons were not easy, which is exactly the point. I could not imagine entering marriage without covering all of the topics in this course. I feel prepared and equipped, both spiritually and practically.

Her impression of the prep: The online format allowed us to really talk through these issues. Spacing them out vs going to a weekend retreat for this allows you to really discuss topics at your own pace.

Did it meet his expectations: Exceeded my expectations. Engaging, intellectually interesting, spiritually broadening.

Did it meet her expectations: More than met them. It brought us closer.

Tim and Nancy – Diocese of Joliet, IL
His impression of the prep: This class was very helpful and informative. The topics covered are incredibly important and the information provided is awesome. I truly believe that any couples who are getting married are doing themselves a disservice if they aren't being exposed to this kind of content before marriage.

Her impression of the prep: The class was super detailed and explained a lot that a lot of Catholic couples are not aware of. It is so important for couples to go deeper in their faith and relationship before marriage.

Did it meet his expectations: Oh yes, I'm very grateful for having done this.

Did it meet her expectations: It exceeded my expectations!

Sergio and Jaclyn – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX
His impression of the prep: I really enjoyed this class because it brought up questions that we hadn't covered in our relationship which helped us get closer both spiritually and emotionally.

Her impression of the prep: This class gave us the opportunity to get to know each other on a much deeper level. The assignments allowed us to engage in healthy discussions and also helped open our eyes to the importance of marriage through church.

Did it meet his expectations: I wasn't sure what exactly to expect but it certainly was more than I imagined. The lessons were very helpful in strengthening the bond between me and my future wife.

Did it meet her expectations: It exceeded my expectations thanks to our amazing instructors and their respectful feedback.

Top 3

Parish Life

Jose and Martina – Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL

Impacted his Faith: It has definitely given us the desire to further our participation and root ourselves in the Church.

Impacted her Faith: This new stage of our lives that we are about to start together will help us get closer to God, and personally with this class I already felt much closer, because we prayed a lot together and talked about our future life together as a married couple.

His parish life plan: We plan to attend mass every Sunday and always put God before any decision we may take. We have really good friends who are in the same parish as us so we would love to strengthen our bond with them to have another couple who we can speak to about certain things who will likely have similar views to us and include Christ in decision-making.

Her parish life plan: To continue going to mass on Sundays and on the sacred Holidays as well as praying alone but also together as a couple. We also have some friends with who we would love to go to Mass together to create a stronger bond as well.

Shane and Iman – Archdiocese of Detroit, MI

Impacted his Faith: This course laid down the principles of knowing that my faith plays a very important role in the success of our marriage. I have a new understanding of my purpose not only as one of God's children, but as a future husband and father to our future children.

Impacted her Faith: Now that this course is coming to an end, I feel as though marriage is a true self-giving act. I am ready to give myself to God, and promise to raise his children in a holy home.

His parish life plan: I will allow our parish to minister us, and continue talking with the parish staff about how we can continue to contribute to our parish outside of our Sunday donations. Praying together and while I am alone, and take part in additional bible study.

Her parish life plan: Go to church every Sunday to hear the word of the Lord. Continue to make our weekly donations, accept the eucharist weekly, and most importantly bring our friends who are ready for God's love to come with us to church so we can show them how amazing our community actually is.

Eric and Natalie – Diocese of Fall River, MA

Impacted his Faith: It has strengthened my faith in God and my desire to get closer to Him and His Church.

Impacted her Faith: This course was a testament to my faith and has allowed me to build a deeper connection with God and becoming closer to Him and His Church.

His parish life plan: I would like to attend Mass more often and participate in volunteer work.

Her parish life plan: My plan is to attend Mass more often and to participate in volunteer work. We are also planning to raise our children by participating actively in the parish life.

Top 3
Communication and Comments

John and Madie – Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI

How did it better your commutation: It opened up conversation topics, especially about faith, we have touched on before but made us go deeper. It renewed our love and challenged us to talk deeper.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated the conversation each topic and section sparked between my future wife and I. I feel it opened up conversation about not only our relationship and our love, but the presence and importance of God at the center of our love.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated the detailed feedback from our counselors. That really helped guide us along the way and make us think even more about each question and topic.

Cash and Anna – Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, OK

How did it better your commutation: The I-messages and active listening portions really resonated with us. We value our open lines of communication and we feel like these tools will really help us.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciate the self-pacing provided that worked with our busy schedules and the instructors helping guide our journey through the program.
Appreciated most by her: I really appreciated the personal feedback we received from our instructors. They always provided really great insight and prompted further discussion by some of their points.

Ethan and Evangeline– Archdiocese of Military Services  

How did it better your commutation: We believe we had good communication already, but the class helped enforce why communication is important, tips and tricks, and where we may fall short.

Appreciated most by him: Our mentor couple! They were quick and knowledgeable with their responses. They truly made the course worth the effort.

Appreciated most by her: I really appreciated the time and effort put into the responses by our instructors. The questions asked in the course prompted conversation between Ethan and I, but the responses and feedback gave us even more to think and talk about. I appreciated how accommodating the schedule was as well.