Aug. 8th – James and Vanessa – Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM “I appreciated the feedback from our instructors”

Him: This class has led us closer together in our walk with Christ and with each other. I think this class should be offered even to those who have yet to find a partner to better educate what the Sacrament of marriage is all about.
Her: This class gave me great insight and how to continue to have a strong Christian marriage.
Both: It opened our eyes to how much Christ is already in our relationship and how strong our marriage will become once it is blessed by the church.

Aug. 9th – Chris and Erika (Interfaith)– Archdiocese of New York, NY “I am always looking for ways outside of church to become closer to God and the church this certainly helped”
Him: I was very surprised how interactive it was and how easy it was being online. I am not Catholic but it certainly brought to light that I do wish to raise my children Catholic.
Her: I am always looking for ways outside of church to become closer to God and the church this certainly helped.
Both: Our instructors really took the time to give us such great feedback. It was very in depth and helpful.

Aug. 10th – Justin and Marisa  – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX  “It made us realize how we have to keep working for a strong personal relationship with God”
Him: We absolutely loved the course. I didn't realize how much this would bring us closer together.
Her: It helped us to talk more and open up more. Learn more about our roles and our issues in marriage.

Both: It allowed us to really open up about what we have meant to each other in our journey. We spoke to how we were different as past relationships and what makes us special to each other. It also allowed us to see what we might face as struggles in our relationship and just knowing what the issue may be has already sparked conversation on how to handle things.

Aug. 11th – Gregory and Michel (interfaith)– Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “I am still learning about the Catholic faith and this helped me to better understand the sacrament”
Him: The class helped introduce me to the Catholic faith and opened up a lot of important dialogues prior to our marriage.

Her: The class helped spark important conversations and it also helped me have a better understanding of my faith, through lessons, videos, and feedback from the instructors.
Both: It opened the door to a lot of conversations that we may not have had. It also helped to better understand where each one is coming from with regard to our religious backgrounds.

Aug. 12th – Peter and Alexandra – Diocese of Providence, RI “It shows you that faith and your relationship with God has an impact on all aspects of your life”
Him: I found this course to be very informative and educational and definitely learned a lot more about my fiancé after having gone through it.
Her: I found this course to be very detailed, comprehensive, and covered a wide variety of topics which got us talking. I also enjoyed the feedback from our instructors.
Both: It helps to reinforce how the presence of God and his teachings can be incorporated into daily life especially your relationship with your significant other.