Aug. 15th – Name – Diocese of Las Vegas, NV “This course helped strengthen my relationship with God”
This class was very helpful and it contributed to my learning. I liked that it was self-paced and online due to our busy work schedules. This course helped me realize how important God is in our relationship and how He can guide our journey together as husband and wife.

Her: I like the way the course was structured and built on each other. The content was very informative and insightful and allowed me to have a deep understanding of my faith.

Both: Completing the assignments together at home allowed us to connect and communicate better.

Aug. 16th – Joshua and Leslie – Diocese of Toluca, Mexico “It revived my faith in a way that I've never experienced”

Him: I like the format of this course because it is engaging and genuinely puts us into situation where need to discuss something that perhaps we hadn't in the past. Additionally, it helps put things into perspective with God at the center of our lives, we receive awesome feedback on our discussions, and everything is literally written out so that we can go back and review or reread something that perhaps we didn't understand the first time.
Her: It exceeded my expectations, it had very valuable information that I will carry with me throughout my marriage. The discussions with my fiancé were very interesting, and we got to know each other even more than we already did.
Both: It has really helped to drive home the fact that on our wedding we aren't just going to sign some piece of paper and calling it a day, we are committing ourselves to one another in front of the Church, family & friends, and God all as witnesses.

Aug. 17th – Zachary and Kelley – Diocese of Austin, TX “It made me realize that I need to prioritize my faith more”

Him: This brought Kelley and I so much closer. Seeing and learning all that marriage can be was truly inspiring.
Her: This class was everything I wanted and more. It brought me closer to God and Zach. I feel so much more strength in our relationship and our future marriage. I loved it. It also helped me personally too in some ways. Great course overall.
Both: Our communication strengthened because we realize it is the key to our relationship.

Aug. 18th – Jason and Catherine – Diocese of Fresno, CA “It has strengthened our relationship and brought us closer to the Lord”

Him: This class was amazing, I felt like that it really opened my eyes and heart to the Church and to my future wife. I felt like it brought my future wife and I closer as it made us talk about issues that we never thought about before. It also helped me understand the Church and God more from the teachings that was given to us.
Her: I felt like this class did exactly what it was intended to do. I feel that it brought us closer together and to God and taught us many useful tools that we will be able to implement in the future. It also allowed us to talk about deep topics and open more to one another in ways we didn't know we could. It has made me feel more prepared to be a better wife for my future husband and future mom to my babies.
Both: It allowed us to share great conversations and to better understand our past and our expectations of our future. Our instructors were very kind and responded to our questions and assignments in a timely manner. We looked forward to the assignments and feedback and enjoyed learning more about the Lord and his teachings regarding married and family life.

Aug. 19th– Alex and Carmella – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “This was very important to us and brought us closer together.”

Him: The coursework was informative, well structured, and organized. The feedback was helpful. I liked being able to work at our own pace. I feel like we're better prepared for married life than we were going in!
Her: I really enjoyed the class! Alex and I had some very productive discussions and I think we're closer as a result.
Both: This course really hammered home how our marriage is not just about the two of us; it's about the two of us and God, and we need to remember that.