Aug. 22nd – Brian and MaryKate – Archdiocese of Boston, MA “It renewed my perspective”

Him: We learned a lot during this process, about ourselves, about each other, and about our faith. We are so thankful for our instructor’s help and guidance!

Her: At the beginning of the class, I was unsure of what exactly to expect, but thanks to our instructor’s extremely thoughtful and well written explanations and responses, everything made sense and the dialogues we had felt very natural and productive. We definitely learned more about each other, our faith, and a deeper understanding of God's calling.

Both: It helped us to talk about what was important to our future and our relationship.

Aug. 23rd – Connor and Sydney – Diocese of Peoria, IL “This course has made me proud to be a Catholic”

Him: This course was excellent. I was happy with the content that was covered in that even the most sensitive and hard to talk about topics were included.

Her: I enjoyed this experience and especially loved the instructors we were paired with.

Both: We appreciated the flexibility of the course work and the detail that went into the curriculum.

Aug. 24th – Steven and Andrea – Diocese of San Francisco, CA“It made me look forward towards this Sacrament even more!”

Him: I really loved this course because it was very informative and interactive. I was able to connect not only closer to God but with my soon to be wife as well. It was nice being able to discuss topics together!

Her: I felt I received more than I expected. It helped me understand the meaning of marriage and why it is important. It helped me with discernment and kept me in prayer about this upcoming sacrament!

Both: We feel that because we were able to discuss certain topics and deepen our connection with God as the foundation. We were able to share what we hope to do in our marriage so that we can remain in a Christian one, and that was a beautiful experience for us!

Aug. 25th – John and Sylvia (Interfaith)– Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO“This course has made me open to going to church with my fiancé.”

Him: It helped me learn a lot about her faith and how this will play a significant role in our marriage. I know she appreciated this a lot.

Her: Before taking this course, we felt like we had spoken about the important things already leading up to our marriage. This course was really valuable because we realized there was still a lot left to be discussed. This gave us an opportunity to do so in an organized manner; this made it feel doable rather than overwhelming. We took a lot away from this course.

Both: The depth in which the content is covered is perfect: in enough detail and breadth to ensure a good understanding of the material is had. It makes everything easily transferable to the relationship, as well.

Aug. 26th – Brayden and Brittney – Diocese of Sioux City, IA“It helped give me a better understanding of the Catholic faith”

Him: It was a truly personalized experience that was made for us and got us engaged in talks during our course that we probably would not have had otherwise. I would recommend this to anyone!

Her: It was a very pleasant experience, we loved the customization, and the realness behind it. We loved that we were actually talking to real people that were in our shoes before.

Both: This course helped spark conversations that we would not have had before, and it really helped get us to talk more about important matters or issues.