Aug. 29th – Dillon and Megan – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “It inspired me to start praying more”
I loved the course and thought it taught us a lot on how to maintain a good marriage. I also thought it opened up a lot of conversations that we hadn't had fully which makes me feel 1000% more confident in a marriage I already felt 100% confident in.

Her: I thought this course was amazing. I am blown away by it. I have been raving about it to everyone, my family, friends, the people at the church. I learned SO much and feel transformed as an individual and also as a couple.

Both: We love the course; we feel it has made us even more excited to be married. And we continue to recommend it to literally all of our friends. We think it has changed the course of our lives.

Aug. 30th – Evan and Hannah – Diocese of Charleston, SC “It helped me understand the sacrament of marriage in a new exciting way”
Him: It brought us closer together and closer to God as we prepare for marriage.

Her: This class allowed us to discuss the true meaning of marriage and discuss important topics as we prepare to get married; it also helped us grow together with each other and God!

Both: It brought up different topics that we had discussed on more of a surface level allowing us to dive deeper into what is important.

Aug. 31st – Tyler and Saaja – Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “It allowed us to let God into our relationship more”
Him: I think was a really great way to start off marriage. I reminded us of the role that God plays in marriage, and the last couple of assignments acted as a miniature couple's therapy that asked very relevant questions going into marriage.

Her: I learned a lot from the class. Tyler was born and raised Catholic so he knew most of that part of the course already, but most of the Catholic information was new to me. We enjoyed taking the time to sit down and do the activities together.

Both: The world is crazier and more godless than ever right now. The stresses and distractions of everyday life often tend to make people forget to include God, and we will admit that we’re guilty of this just like most other people. This class definitely helped us to include God more into our life and marriage going forward.

Sep. 1st – Christopher and Elizabeth – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “I loved how it intertwined the gospel and real-life scenarios”
Him: It was great to be able to do everything in the privacy of our own home, on our own schedule and reflect on our answers with each other.

Her: I did like that we were able to talk through each answer in private and really work through the course as a couple. Everything was very thorough and clear throughout the course, which was very helpful. Our marriage prep counselors were very diligent in their responses and always checked our work in a very timely manner.

Both: Keep up the good work. Being able to go through these lessons together in private allowed us to connect deeper and have longer discussions when needed.

Sep. 2nd – Zimran and Kelsey – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “It lead to us having some meaningful conversation”
I definitely feel more prepared for marriage after taking this course. I feel like I was able to get a deeper understanding of my faith and what is important to me and it confirmed that my future wife and I are on the same page.

Her: I think this course was excellent preparation for marriage. It had us discussing important issues and made sure we are on the same page when it comes to goals, morals, values, life views, etc.

Both: We appreciated getting feedback after each assignment. That really provided me with some different views and a better insight into our faith.