Sep. 5th – Patrick and Cam – Diocese of Scranton, PA “I didn't realize how much I needed God back in my life”
This class allowed us to work in our own comfort zone and at our own pace so we could really absorb the knowledge.

Her: I really appreciated the hands-on involvement of the instructors and their personalized responses. It helped me relate things to my own life, current events, and also pass the Church's direct teachings. The more we can relate to things, the more impactful it is on us.

Both: It definitely helped us grow as a couple. We discussed our answers and religious views, this class was way more valuable than anticipated.

Sep. 6th – Brady and Rachel – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “I appreciated how this course brought us together in a way that I never expected”
Him: I thought that it was very resourceful. I believe that we learned a lot and the response times after an assignment was completed were very quick.

Her: I loved this course, I learned so much and feel that it has brought me closer to God and my fiancé. I would recommend this course to anyone!

Both: It improved our communication drastically. We went into such deep conversations during the course learning so much about one another and learning so much more about each other’s faith.

Sep. 7th – Juan and Deanna – Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA “It was a great reminder of the teachings I grew up learning going to Catholic school.”
It was a great course, and our instructors were very helpful.

Her: It was a very insightful course, and our instructors were very kind and knowledgeable. They were very thorough in their feedback, and I learned a lot from their responses and the resources they provided.

Both: We now lean on our faith more when communicating and also pray together more. Especially when making big decisions.

Sep. 8th – Elliot and Ryann (Interfaith)– Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “It further prepared me for a relationship with Christ”
Very informative, especially being a non-Catholic interested in learning about Catholicism.

Her: I’m surprised how helpful it was in building us a foundation rooted in Christ and giving us many tools and resources.

Both: It reminded us of the importance of having a Christ-centered marriage and the importance of daily prayer!

Sep. 9th – Sebastian and Regina – Diocese of Rockville, NY After six years together, I didn't think there was so much more to learn”
Him: I really enjoyed the course. I was able to gain in-depth knowledge about topics I had not previously known much about or did not know about at all. The individualized attention from our instructors and the extra resources they provided was the icing on the cake.

Her: I think this course is jam packed with fantastic information and the extra information provided in the instructor's responses were extremely helpful and informative. Both the course and the instructors helped me further my understanding of some really complex and important concepts and topics.

Both:  It helped improve our communication through our love letters, and by teaching us active listening.