Sep. 12th – Justin and Maddie – Diocese of Madison, WI “It made me realize just how important going to mass is”
 This class really brought up conversations we had not had in depth before, it brought us closer together as a couple. Our instructors were so helpful with clearing things up and making them easier to understand if we were not sure about something.

Her: This class really got us talking about more things that I thought it would. I feel that we have become closer to each other and closer to God. Our instructors have been such wonderful mentors through this whole process.

Both: This whole process really brought us closer to each other and to God, we appreciate everything this course have done to help us with that!

Sep. 13th – Brian and Kelly– Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA “This course reassured the importance of incorporating God every step of the way”
Him: This class really helped with preparing Kelly and I for our future not only with ourselves, but our future with God.

Her: I really enjoyed this way of learning. I felt Brian and I could spend time on the assignments and really discuss how we can have the church be an active part of our marriage. Our instructors were so kind and helpful!

Both: We were able to discuss how God is part of our lives now and how He can be an even larger part of our lives after marriage

Sep. 14th – Kevin and Patricia – Archdiocese of New York, NY “It provided us with insight into each other’s needs”
The course has provided me with a great foundation of how a marriage should be. I enjoyed how the course encouraged us to speak about various things that we haven't discussed prior.

Her: I appreciated that the course was self-paced yet interactive with our instructors.

Both: It provoked conversations we had not previously had.

Sep. 15th – Seungwook and Taylor – Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston WV “It helped me grow my faith”
It was a really great experience and we learned a lot!! It also deepened our relationship.

Her: I felt like I already knew everything in regards to marriage prep but I as soooo wrong! It was amazing and a great set up!

Both: It improved our communication because we discussed a lot of in-depth issues on hard topics.

Sep. 16th – Joel and Kathryn – Diocese of Sioux City, IA “I will be attending church more often now”
I was really impressed with this class. There were a lot of great topics to think about when getting married.

Her: This was very educational, and it made me think more internally about my own thought and feelings with my spirituality and faith. It was nice to be able to express our faith with each other on a deeper level.

Both: Even though we were open with each other, this unlocked a new vision of our relationship. We were able to understand our thoughts, wants, and needs with each other more.