Sep. 19th – Ricardo and Ashley – Diocese of Salt Lake “This course was helpful and rejuvenating”
Him: It was a great class I really enjoyed everything we got to do together as a couple.

Her: I absolutely adored this class and our teachers! They really brought us closer with the lord and helped us with all our thoughts and questions.

Both: It really helped us to sit down and focus on our common goals as a couple and helped us to be more engaged and closer with one another.

Sep. 20th – Chase and Camille– Diocese of Lafayette “It made me start praying and saying the rosary”
Him: It was an insightful way to see we still have much to learn to deepen not only our love for one another but also the Lord.

Her: This course really opened my eyes on what a good catholic marriage should be like. It helped us bond closer together and to God. I appreciated all of the feedback and helpful tips on how to have a long-lasting marriage in Gods eyes.

Both: It brought us together both spiritually and physically!

Sep. 21st – Timo and Natalie – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “It helped us set aside dedicated time to talk more deeply”
Knowing real life can get in the way of things, it was nice to take it at our own pace. Which in turn also allowed us to actually take time and think about it.

Her: It was nice to be able to work at our own pace and take as much time as needed to complete each assignment.

Both: We made it almost like small dates to sit and only focus on this at least for an hour and broke some of the longer assignments into two.

Sep. 22nd – Billy and Abby – Diocese of Peoria, IL“The course definitely helped me realize areas I need to improve on and refocus myself on God”
I enjoyed all of the information in the class and the input and knowledge from the instructors.

Her: The class was incredibly informing and our instructors were great! We feel that we learned a lot and will continue learning and using the skills/knowledge that we received through the class.

Both: The course gave great examples of good communication techniques and also good talking points.

Sep. 23rd – Gunbir and Beatriz (Interfaith)– Diocese of Harrisburg, PA “It made me realize that although we have different religions, we share the same core values”
Very great and thorough course. It opened my eyes a lot to the Catholic Church and my fiancé’s faith. I enjoyed it more than I had thought.

Her: I loved the course. It really sparked some great conversations between us and brought us closer together. I learned more about my religion and ways to keep God present in our marriage.

Both: It forced us to talk through difficult or challenging topics that otherwise we might have not talked about.