Sep. 26th – Emmanuel and Buondzo – Archdiocese of Washington, D.C “This course made me understand the importance of forgiveness”
I enjoyed the topics because they were very pertinent and essential to our growth and life as a couple. The instructors took time to explain everything in great detail that we needed to know and understand.

Her: This class has been very explicit and easy. The sessions with our instructors, who listened to us, understood and made us closer to each other. Their in-depth responses and explanations left us feeling more confident.

Both: It helped us address and react to situations better and also communicate our needs and desires better.

Sep. 27th – Jeramy and Zoe – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “This class helped revive my faith because it made me think deeper about who I am as a Christian.”
Him: I enjoyed being able to become closer to Zoe and Christ through this class. I learned a lot about myself, my faith, and who Zoe and I are as a couple. I am grateful for this experience.

Her: I enjoyed this class because it brought me closer to God and Jeramy. We are confident our marriage will be everlasting due to the knowledge we gained in this class.

Both: It greatly improved our communication because it required us to have hard conversations with each other and even though they were somewhat difficult we were able to make it through making us stronger as a couple.

Sep. 28th – Rocky and Krista – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “It taught me how to keep Christ at the center of my marriage.”
I enjoyed learning more about marriage and the ways we can make our marriage successful. Our instructors were great and very responsive. I feel this course helped to better prepare us for our future.

Her: I feel that this course gave us a deeper understanding of marriage and all that leads up to it. We were able to dive deeper into our faith together. This course allowed us to have some deep conversations together. We also had wonderful instructors who really helped us to understand areas that were covered.
Both: Our instructors provided in depth explanations that really helped us to further understand each topic covered

Sep. 29th – Jeffery and Shelbey – Diocese ofAmarillo, TX “It was so helpful and filled us with more knowledge and Gods wisdom”
This class taught us a lot about marriage and that marriage is so much more than we could ever imagine. I plan to use all of the knowledge I learned in our marriage.

Her: We learned more about marriage, but even more about each other and what our expectations are in life and marriage.

Both: It improved our communication because it allowed us to open up about past experiences that we have not been able to talk about.

Sep. 30th – Kevin and Michelle – Diocese of Allentown, PA “I appreciated how unique each lesson was”
Going into this course I did not know what to expect, but I truly can say that not only did I gain a good amount of wisdom from this course I also connected deeply with my partner along with furthering my understanding of the sacrament of marriage, while growing closer to God.

Her: This course really helped me deepen my understanding of the church’s teachings and connect with my partner.

Both: It allowed us bring things to light in a spiritual and accepting way. It allowed us to align our goals with each other. It allowed us to pray openly and discuss things we normally wouldn't talk about.