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Daniel and Carolina – Diocese of Reno, NV
His impression of the prep: This was a great course because I learned so much more about my faith and how to continue a close relationship with God and my future wife. It really taught me how to be patient and take time to slow down from my busy life. Because there should always be time for everything God, myself and my family. I would recommend this to everyone it’s really going to fill your needs and teach you about life. I would love to continue learning. We are both planning on using this website for the rest of our lives.

Her impression of the prep: This course really exceeded my expectations, because every chapter was a lot of reading and really trying to figure out an answer gave us time to communicate even deeper. We always look forward to getting to the next chapter. We had some many resources and links that really helped us understand the why to every question. I also liked all the feedback we got and explanation to our answers this was helpful and it showed us even more information. I really would recommend Every couple to take this course and fill their heart with this great information.

Did it meet his expectations: It really did and it open my eyes to so much more I don’t know.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it did. We learned so much, there was things we knew but I like how in detail we reviewed every chapter. We also were able to use our Bible even more.

Jerome and Emily – Archdiocese of Cincinnati, OH
His impression of the prep: It was very helpful in having us first seek answers then be provided further information for us to discuss. It helped to expand our understanding of God's plan and desire for marriage and what we can do to have the happiest marriage possible.

Her impression of the prep: We received such wonderful feedback throughout course and really appreciated the personal examples provided by our instructors. This class gave us so much more to think about and discuss than we ever thought beforehand.

Did it meet his expectations: Absolutely!

Did it meet her expectations: I believe it even exceeded our expectations!

Jonathan and Irina – Archdiocese of New York, NY
His impression of the prep: I found the class to be very informative and the questions truly gave me a true challenge on how to open up how I think about certain topics and also how we discuss our ideas and thoughts together. That in itself is what makes a good class for me; instead of trying to soak up information, I can actually apply that to my life and potentially have new perspectives on things.

Her impression of the prep: This was a phenomenal class! We really enjoyed the questions and got really deep with some of our conversations. Some of the criteria was challenging but in a good way. really made us stop and think each question through.

Did it meet his expectations: Yes, it did. I was aware that we would have to really dive deep in on the topics, but it really took us to a place where I feel we have grown from the experience.

Did it meet her expectations: Absolutely. I feel like we both learned a lot from our conversations and discussions throughout this course. We didn't have a specific expectation, but I can say we are both happy with the outcome!

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Parish Life

Andrew and Tiffany – Diocese of Cleveland, OH

Impacted his Faith: It helped me realize that there are so many more things that we could be doing to get closer to God and keep Him at the center of our marriage. We look forward to making these changes in the near future.

Impacted her Faith: Admittedly, we had somewhat strayed from regular church attendance and prayer, and this helped bring us back to our normal routine - and helped us identify areas that we are looking to grow into as well.

His parish life plan: Regular, weekly church attendance, donations, and attending social outings when available.

Her parish life plan: Going to mass every Sunday and confession as well.

Kendall and Nicole – Diocese of Arlington, VA

Impacted his Faith: Yes, as someone new to the Catholic faith, this has inspired to continue on this journey as we get married in the Catholic church. I am excited to get closer to God and renew my faith.

Impacted her Faith: My faith was always strong, but yes, I do feel like I learned new things via this class and thus it revived some aspects of my existing faith.

His parish life plan: Actively attending mass and saying grace. I would like to meet new couples who are also experiencing this journey as we are.

Her parish life plan: Go to mass on Sunday and say Grace each evening before dinner.

Pedro and Gabriela – Diocese of Orange, CA

Impacted his Faith: For me, my faith was revived. When we started dating, we were both volunteering at our church so it was really nice that we got to reconnect like we did before.

Impacted her Faith: My faith was renewed. With everything going in life it’s easy to say I’ll make time for God later and as time goes by, we just forgot. Going through this course has helped me revive my connection with God and the church that I once had.

His parish life plan: Volunteering in our faith formation classes like before.

Her parish life plan: Lecturing for mass like I used to before.

*Bonus- Christopher and Elizabeth – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY

Impacted his Faith: Yes, going through the course helped further ignite my feeling towards God and the Church. It often made me feel lucky to have grown up in a Catholic household where these teachings and values were instilled in me at a young age.

Impacted her Faith: It definitely helped revive my faith and make me very happy and grateful that Christopher and I have chosen to be active members of the Catholic Church as we begin this new chapter of life together. It has sparked conversations about our faith that we would never have and I am grateful for that.

His parish life plan: We plan to attend and be active members of our Church community. We hope to carve out time where we can give a little extra to help the church and those less fortunate.

Her parish life plan: We plan to attend mass every Sunday, tithing, volunteering where/when we can, donating to charities within the Church and raise our future children Catholic.

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Communication and Comments

Christopher and Elizabeth – Diocese of Alexandria, LA

How did it better your commutation: We were able to communicate not just on levels of getting to know each other better, but also getting to know each other's relationship with God.

Appreciated most by him: I really appreciated the feedback most of all. The fact that it was individualized feedback and not just blanket feedback. If we missed the mark on answers, they were good about letting us know why.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated the feedback we got. It made this experience feel like we were really being heard and we got really good feedback that helped us learn even more.

James and Megan – Diocese of Steubenville, OH

How did it better your commutation: It improved greatly because we are communicating more than ever.

Appreciated most by him: The hands-on experience the we got from the mentoring couple. I really enjoyed working with them through the course. Really was a lot of fun.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated that it was definitely a learning experience and I believe it helped me and my fiancé grow closer to not just us but to God as well.

Kyle and Tristan – Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS

How did it better your commutation: We truly appreciated being able to practice the BEF statements. We learned a better understanding about what our roles are and what we bring to the table.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated relearning some of the material of being a catholic that I haven’t heard about or remembered in a long time, so it was nice to get a refresh on being a good Catholic.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated that this was an opportunity most couples don’t always get to connect better to one another. I feel we have a good expectation of each other moving forward into our marriage.