Oct. 3rd – Robert and Francesca – Diocese of Camden “I felt that praying together really helped us to revive it together”

Him: The class really helped us think and be aware of the different ways that God impacts our lives. It opened our eyes to the correct way of living the married life, and allowed us to have meaningful conversations regarding our future.

Her: I felt like this helped us to think and connect in ways we hadn't before. It also allowed us to have in depth conversations regarding our religion and our beliefs. I like that there were videos and explanations throughout the course.

Both: It allowed us to sit down and not focus on other things. We strictly focused on the course and talked through each question.

Oct. 4th – Birkley and Lauren – Diocese of Manchester, NH “Provided great resources for us to learn and grow”

Him: The material was fantastic. The reviews were great and the links with more in-depth analysis were enlightening. I also really liked the fact that we could progress at our own pace.

Her: I felt the course content really helped us prepare for Marriage and gave us great talking points to bring us closer.

Both: It's incredible how in depth and layered the teachings of God can be, and this course helped explore some great topics.

Oct. 5th – Sandy and Audrey– Archdiocese, United Kingdom “The feedback from the instructors was brilliant”

Him: The material was well thought and I feel it covered all the critical aspects of life we will have to deal with on day-to-day basis.

Her: Everything was excellent and rich in catholic theology. I love how all the teachings were anchored in traceable bible verses and / or the catechism.

Both: The course made our knowledge of church teachings richer in family life related areas such as contraception which are relatively new to us.

Oct. 6th – Logan and Eve – Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA “It allowed me to put a deeper focus on thoughtful prayer”

Him: This course allowed us to learn more about each other and grow closer to Christ throughout as we gained knowledge on his important role in our marriage.

Her: I loved how interactive the class was. Our instructor’s thorough feedback allowed us to uncover areas where we should give more thought to, learn more about, etc.

Both: It allowed us to discuss certain matters that we may have not otherwise discussed.

Oct. 7th – Daniel and Dayana – Diocese of San Bernardino, CA “It has revived my faith and my desire to deepen my connection with the church”

Him: This course exceeded my expectations and expanded my desire to keep learning and embracing my religion.

Her: This was a very comprehensive and informative course that draws the attention of the reader to understand and further look into Catholicism.

Both: This course posed various topics and questions that we had not previously discussed and created an opportunity for dialogue.