Oct. 10th – Anthony and DeAnna – Archdiocese of New York, NY “It definitely showed me how important it is to always have a strong relationship with God”
The course was very detailed and easy to navigate. It allows you to work at your own pace, and discuss important topics.

Her: The course brought us closer together and allowed us to talk about important parts of being married in an open and creative discussion.

Both: It allowed us to have intense open discussions on some very difficult topics.

Oct. 11th – Mark and Lea – Diocese of Stockton, CA “It helped revive my faith as I got a better understanding of our teachings”
Him: The class was very informative and definitely enlightening. We appreciate the time and effort our instructors provided to our feedback as they gave us deeper understanding of the church's teaching.

Her: The class was very enlightening and I learned a lot about the teachings of Church and about my partner.

Both: As a couple who is about to get married, the courses made us discuss topics that we never had the opportunity to experience or talk about.

Oct. 12th – Joe and Samantha – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “The information throughout the lessons were also eye opening”
I really liked how we were required to comment on the feedback provided as this forced us to deep dive the information given by our sponsor couple which had terrific information and insight.

Her: I loved the thought we had to put into it and I think it brought us closer as a couple and we have a better understanding of what marriage is.

Both: We can better understand what makes up upset, how to react or not react and how to better forgive fully.

Oct. 13th – Javier and Rocio – Diocese ofSan Jose, CA “It showed me that God and his church are first in our lives”
The class was really informative. It gave us new tools to build a strong and stable marriage. It also gave us insight to more information on what is to be expected of a Catholic family.

Her: The class gave us a lot of information and understanding to build a stronger bond in our marriage and to build a strong Catholic family.

Both: This course allowed us to be more open with communicating with one another. Communication is the key to any form of relationship.

Oct. 14th – Joshua and Amberly – Diocese of Little Rock, AR “I have a better understanding of the ways in which we can improve our relationship”
I believe that it explained many things in a marriage that will definitely help us throughout our marriage.

Her: Our instructors did an amazing job with guiding us through the lessons and providing us feedback. I really enjoyed the flexibility of this course and how we were able to work at our own pace.

Both: This course has brought us both closer to each other and to God.