Oct. 17th – Jorge and Natalie – Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA “It opened my eyes to understanding how much the Lord and our faith is crucial to the success of our marriage”
I appreciated the structure of the class and how easy it was to follow and complete. It made the material easier to retain and enjoyable.

Her: I believe I approached this class with the mindset of giving it my very best and allowing myself to dig deeper and question things. I took this class prepared to learn and grow.

Both: The prompts and questions helped us discuss difficult topics and even topics we hadn't thought needed discussing.





Oct. 18th – Greg and Jill– Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD “I would like to pray with my fiancé more often to build our relationship”
Him: The course made us think deeper about ourselves, each other, and our relationship with Christ.

Her: This course helped us prep conversations, become closer in our relationship with God and each other, and learn about the "why" in contraception.

Both: It was a great way to reflect and get excited for our wedding.

Oct. 19th – Graham and Krissy – Diocese of Springfield, IL “I appreciate the ability to have some of these conversations in a private environment”
This class allowed us to go through these conversations at our own pace. Was much more personal than in a larger class!

Her: The course allowed us to work around our busy schedules, but also take our time and go at our own pace.

Both: There were some conversations that are difficult to have. In a way, this course forced to have these conversations and discuss some topics that are vital to a successful marriage.

Oct. 20th – Edwin and Catherine – Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston, TX “I feel a lot more educated on our faith, NFP, and even the history of Adam and Eve”
It was a fun class! Our instructors gave detailed information on every question which I liked a lot! They also shared intimate life stories with us which made this experience even better!

Her: I loved each module and how interactive and interesting it was!

Both: It improved our communication by not blaming each other when things go wrong but seeking and understanding why it happened. We have been resolving more issues than ever!

Oct. 21st – Erick and Aurora – Diocese of Orange, CA “It made me want to start going to bible study again”
The response time was amazing and the deep answers helped clarify a lot of questions for me.

Her: This class was very insightful and made me think deeper about a lot of things to consider for marriage.

Both: We had open conversation that led to deeper conversations about ourselves and our relationship with God.