Nov. 7th – Shane and Grace – Diocese of Honolulu, HI “It aligned and renewed my faith”

Him: The instructors were great and gave thought provoking responses that helped us understand and go deeper.

Her: The class has very good content. I learned a lot from it. I thought it was just a review of what I learned over the years but it was more an eye opener for me and let me validate my faith and my relationship to God and my husband/family.

Both: It made us aware of the need, and importance of communication. We are very different individuals that were raised with very different backgrounds and up-bringing, so it is something we are continuing to focus and work on.

Nov. 8th – Adrian and Madeline – Diocese of Santa Fe, NM “It was nice to be able to continue to share the common faith that we have on a deeper level.”

Him: The ability to take the course on our own time was definitely appreciated. The feedback from our mentor couple was nice and the conversations sparked were invaluable.

Her: I thought that the feedback from our instructors was incredible and working with them was a great asset. I really liked the self-paced online option.

Both: It was very apparent that the couple we worked with took time to read our answers and provide thoughtful feedback.

Nov. 9th – Anthony and Kathleen – Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA “It helped us to learn more about each other”

Him: It was a lot more in-depth and detailed than I ever thought possible. It required me to research and think with every assignment.

Her: So many insightful activities that required us to talk about subjects that we may not have considered discussing prior to this course. I loved that it was rooted in our Catholic faith and provided us with useful and interesting resources that we can continue to use in our married life.

Both: We both very much appreciated the comments from our instructors after each section. We recognized the amount of time given by them when responding to our answers.

Nov. 10th  Julian and Haley (Civilly Married)– Diocese of Dallas, TX “The course has made me realize that I need to incorporate my faith into every aspect of my life”

Him: This class has really made my wife and I think about our future and how to work and develop our relationship not only with each other, but with God as well.

Her: The course has really made us as a couple grow stronger together. I love the conversations we have had about our future together and how we can strengthen our marriage and our relationship with God.

Both: We have started praying together more. Also, we are taking on a small challenge to pray the rosary every day until Thanksgiving just to give thanks to God.

Nov. 11th – Danny and Grace  – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “The course gave me opportunities to read scripture, think about my relationship with Christ, and learn how to be a Godly man and husband”

Him: I've really enjoyed learning about the sacrament of marriage and what God created for us as humans to find, all to get closer to Him.

Her: I learned so much about the gift of marriage and the sacraments as a whole. My biggest takeaway was that our role as spouses is to help each other be closer to God and, simply, to help each other to get to Heaven.

Both: We are both so grateful for this course and how it has helped us prepare for marriage. Getting married in the church was a no-brainer for us, and we are so thrilled that we made this decision and have an even deeper understanding of this next chapter of our lives.