Nov. 14th – Kieran and Danielle – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “I did not realize we would have such deep conversations throughout taking this course”

HimWe have learned how to live our faith through our love and will continue to do so through our marriage. This course was very insightful!

HerI loved taking this class! It was helpful to work through our opinions on certain topics and learn from each other’s opposing or similar opinions!

BothWe have strong communication as a couple, but it made us realize that we can definitely improve our communication in a way where we will communicate our feelings more frequently.

Nov. 15th – John and Kayla – Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL “It has given me a newfound love & appreciation for God”

HimI really enjoyed this course. It was very educational/informational and caused us to have some great discussions. I feel even more ready marriage!

HerThe course was amazing. Definitely learned a lot about myself, marriage, my fiancé, and the sacraments.

BothIt got us talking and thinking about things we don't normally vocalize to each other.


Nov. 16th – Ron and Kerry (Interfaith/civilly married)– Diocese of San Francisco “There were things I could easily relate to even though I am not Catholic.”

HimI found the class to be helpful and informative. It also provided my wife and me a great opportunity to have a guided discussion about various components of our marriage. Because of this class, our marriage will be stronger as we incorporate God and the teachings of the Church.

HerI found the class very informative and enjoyed learning about how to incorporate God into our marriage. I thought the lessons were well taught and easy to understand. The instructors provided very thorough feedback to ensure we understood and could apply learnings. I appreciated the time they took to educate us.

BothThe course brought up a variety of topics for us to communicate through. Some were common topics and others were more challenging. The course forced us to be honest with our feelings and express them to each other. We were able to improve our communication because of these topics.


Nov. 17th – Oz and Kandy – Diocese of Madison, WI “This program also spurred some conversations which helped us get to know each other on a deeper level”

HimThought it was very informative and very helpful information.

HerVery positive experience. I really appreciated we had our own personal instructors. I learned many new things about the Catholic faith.

BothThis was a great course, and our instructors were extremely helpful, informative and very insightful.


Nov. 18th – William and Judy – Archdiocese of Washington, DC “The Catholic faith is still very new to me so this kindled in me an interest to learn more"

HimOur instructors' responses really helped me gain a deeper understanding of Church teachings. Even though I'm a life-long Catholic, I learned to look at the Sacrament of Marriage through a new light.

HerI thought the materials were very clearly and logically presented. The additional videos and other resources were very practical.

BothWe're grateful for the insights from our instructors about the Sacrament of Marriage and the importance of placing Christ at the center of our married life.