Dec. 5th  Nicolas and Ashleigh – Diocese of Peoria, IL “Working on these courses together brought us closer and made us stronger”

Him: It was very insightful. This was a great course because I learned so much more about my faith and how to continue a close relationship with God and my future wife.

Her: The course was very helpful! It helped emphasize the special bonding between God and our marriage. It strengthens our relationship; we learned more about one other.

Both: We lacked in practicing our faith and this helped get us back on track, it helped us to reconnect with God with our prayers.

Dec. 6th  Mark and Gretzie – Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta “I appreciated the ability to work at our own pace in the comfort of our homes”

Him: Excellent course! I was pleased by how user-friendly the content and platform was. I found each of the lessons and teachings within the lessons to be very helpful and insightful.

Her: Great course and user-friendly! Our instructors were very helpful in not just their feedback, but their ability to help us fast-track the course since Mark just moved home from overseas studies.

Both: The prayers and prompts throughout this course allowed us discuss our faith in detail and learn more about each other.

Dec. 7th  Joseph and Josephine – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “It definitely gave me more opportunity to think and pray about specific concepts”

Him: This course effectively teaches the students about the Catholic rite of marriage.

Her: Not only did I learn a great deal about what marriage means to Catholics like my future husband, but many great discussions were sparked between us based on the questions asked and our instructors' responses to our answers!

Both: It encouraged us to be open with one another about our own faith lives and journeys, which is a difficult conversation to start having.

Dec. 8th  Brendan and Bri – Diocese of Sioux City, IA “It definitely increased our communication”

Him: It was nice to be able to do it at our own pace on our own schedule.

Her: It was a great class for preparing us for marriage and with it being online it helped us to be able to complete it at our own pace. It gave us time to talk through all of the discussions. I liked all the topics, making sure to touch on all topic that are and can be hard topic for starting a marriage.

Both: This past 3 months we have taken time to understand the church and God more than ever in this new perspective as we are about to make this sacrament.

Dec. 9th  Sean and McKenzie – Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA “I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied by this course”

Him: It did a good job of engaging us in necessary conversations and allowed us to complete this in different time zones.

Her: The explanations given were detailed and thorough. Our mentor couple was prompt and giving of their time and knowledge.

Both: We were able to give our honest answers and our instructors gave honest feedback.