March 27th – Nicholas and Stephanie – Diocese of Fall River, MA “I was really pleased by the level of detail in the course”

Him: I really appreciated our instructor’s feedback. They were always so thorough, and we have found lasting value from the course and will implement much into our marriage.

Her: The attention to detail in our instructor’s answers has really helped to set us up for success in this new stage in our relationship and in our lives. Thank you!

Both: The course encouraged us to look deeply inside and have sometimes challenging conversations about the very nature of our relationship and our plans for the future. We are glad that it gave us a guide for those discussions.


March 28th – Tomas and Maria – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “It reminded me why faith is so important”

Him: The course provided us with the knowledge we didn't have regarding marriage in the Catholic church and prepared us for our ceremony. Our instructors were excellent and provided a lot of depth and personalization in their advice to us. The online format also allowed us to discuss important topics in private as a couple, which allowed us to have candid discussions.

Her: The course made me reflect upon real and actionable things; it was not just learning about the concepts but also thinking or even making them applicable to real-life situations so my future spouse and I can think of these scenarios in the upcoming years (like preparing to have children).

Both: Our instructors were so kind and helpful, and even share personal stories with us. It felt comfortable to share these personal things with them.

March 29th – Jack and Kimberly – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “Our instructors were very attentive and helped us tremendously with our understanding of marriage”

Him: I really enjoyed this class as it not only brought me closer to Kim, but also closer to God.  This class taught me the reasoning behind marriage and what the sacrament of marriage means in the Catholic church.  It has made me even more excited to begin this journey with Kim and God.

Her: This class was an amazing tool for us to build strength in our marriage and our relationship with God.  I feel confident in what we have learned throughout this class and the tools that have been provided for us to utilize throughout our marriage.  I have learned so much in this class that I am thankful for and look forward to the starting our marriage off strong.

Both: That was one of the best parts of the course was how much it ignited our desire to grow closer in our relationship with God.  It really helped us to take a pause in our life and appreciate our relationship, our relationship with God, and how blessed we are in our life.

March 30th – Blake and Abby – Diocese of  San Angelo, TX “It’s exciting knowing that there’s so much room to grow and that there is always something new to learn”

Him: Our instructors were so helpful and we could tell that they really took their time reading our answers and responding in the nicest most honest way.

Her: I appreciated the responses from our instructors because they didn’t just say yes or no that we got our answers correct, they explained in detail why we were right and whatever more we could’ve said. 

Both: We haven’t been challenged to communicate this much in a long time. And it was rewarding to hear each other’s thoughts and to really see how much we each cared about our answers.

March 31st – Jacob and Kaitlyn – Diocese of Dallas, TX “It gave us the opportunities to have the kind of deeper conversations that will aid us well before entering into married life”

Him: This course gave us opportunities to consider and discuss many different aspects about what it means to be married and what we would like out of our marriage. We were able to give these topics the time they deserve in a way that was flexible and comfortable, due to it not being confined to a traditional classroom setting.

Her: The course provided us with the opportunity to discuss marital issues with each other that we had not had as much opportunity to discuss prior, and the course format itself allowed us to have honest conversations with each other which we might not have been as comfortable sharing in a traditional classroom setting around strangers.

Both: It provided us the opportunity to really think about why we should put God in the center of our marriage and practical ways of doing that, as well as giving reasoning for why we do the things we do in our faith in our immediate lives, such as why we should attend mass and pray.