May 29th – Patrick and Lauren – Diocese of Allentown, PA “Taking this course allowed us to build our relationship with Christ as couple”

Him: This course was very well organized. The content was easy to understand and apply to our daily lives. It will set us up for success in marriage.

Her: It was a wonderful class. I enjoyed working with our instructor couple. the way the course was structured allowed us to learn at our own pace.

Both: Discussing these topics gave us the desire to get closer to God as a couple. we are already discussing our plans for after our wedding.

May 30th – Marco and Nancy – Diocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I felt like it brought us closer to each other but also closer to God”

Him: I appreciated being able to work at our own pace and the diligence of our instructors in returning our assignments to us.

Her: I appreciated being able to spend time together to pray and do the assignments. I felt like it definitely brought us closer and helped us understand each other more.

Both: We worked very hard on the assignments together. It helped bring us closer together, in particular emotionally and mentally. It helped bring God and His Will to the forefront of our marriage and made us realize what has been lacking in our relationship.

May 31st – Pedro and Anna – Diocese of Las Cruces, NM “It revived and renewed my desire to get closure to God”

Him: My faith grew as I was going through the lessons and learning about what the church believes what marriage should be. I wish I would have gone through these classes before my first marriage but in reality, I wouldn't have met a true blessing of a wife I found in Anna.

Her: I learned a lot when I took catechism but this class has helped me understand it even better, especially the marriage aspect of the Catholic faith. Our instructors helped us to understand and grow stronger in our faith. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping couples learn through taking these classes. We will continue to practice everything we learned.

Both: We want to dedicate more time to praying and listening to God.  Make it to church more often and getting involved with the church.

June 1st – Joseph and Madeline – Diocese of Burlington, VT “It really encouraged me to pray more”

Him: The class was engaging and made us think about a lot of very important topics as we prepare for our marriage. It made us feel more connected with God, the Church, and each other. We learned some important lessons and got to really get into some great Biblical content. Our instructors were extremely responsive, which really helped too.

Her: We got so much out of this! It was great to be able to learn and reflect through the readings, videos, exercises, and answer keys. I think it brought us closer to each other and to God, the Church, and our values and priorities as we get ready to start our marriage. The lessons were split up well into manageable sections and the format I found very enjoyable.

Both: It prompted some deep conversations that related directly and deeply to each other as people and to our future marriage. We had talked about or mentioned a lot of the themes before, but this really added depth to those conversations and helped us to communicate our thoughts and ideas better. It was affirming that we do share a lot of similar values and approaches to many of the questions and processes!

June 2nd – Conner and Molly– Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “This course definitely emphasized the importance of putting God at the forefront of our relationship”

Him: This class gave me a different perspective with God and my spouse. It allowed me to think about my spouse and what she is feeling rather than only myself. This class overall laid out a good foundation and to be a strong married couple with God.

Her: This class was excellent because it allowed us to complete the course at our own pace and provided really thought-provoking questions that allowed us to think more deeply on the purpose of marriage.

Both: It created good conversation between us about the church and God. It allowed us to discover the unknown perspectives the other had about the different church topics.