July 24th – Pedro and Leticia – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I appreciated the time that we had to think about ourselves and our faith in God”

Him: I'm extremely satisfied!! During this process, we had the opportunity to learn more about God's love and about ourselves and our marriage.

Her: We learned so much. The discussions on each module were amazing, and our instructor's careful feedback was also essential to learn each topic more deeply. This course stood out beyond my expectations.

Both: We were able to learn more from each other and more from the love of God on us.


July 25th – Thomas and Meghan– Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “I believe that this course both comforted and renewed my desire to get closer with God”

Him: This course was a great way to expand my knowledge about the holy sacrament of Matrimony. Our instructors explained everything so thorough with each question's explanation and so nice throughout the entire course. Meghan and I shared a lot of laughs and had some very deep conversations while taking this course which bonded us more. I was extremely satisfied.

Her: This course was very informative about how ready Tom and I are for marriage. We learned a lot about the ideas that the other person has, and had conversations that we wouldn't normally have. Our instructors were thorough with their feedback, and quick to respond.

Both: We appreciated the fact that we were able to have difficult conversations with each other, and we were able to see that we share the same beliefs. We wouldn't have had conversations like the ones we had through the course if we had not been prompted to do so.


July 26th – Robert and Kaci (Convalidation) – Diocese of Dallas, TX “It opened our eyes even more so to what really matters”

Him: I thoroughly enjoyed this course and diving deeper into what it means to be married religiously and not just civilly. The content was great and the feedback we received allowed us to continue conversation throughout each module.

Her: This course exceeded my expectations and I found it to be a lot more informational and interactive than I originally assumed it would be. Our instructors went above and beyond in our answer keys and it really allowed us to engage ourselves in deep thought and conversation about the topics we were learning.

Both: We appreciated the feedback we received after each module because it showed that our instructors care about us learning the information and cared that we are understanding what was being taught and how to implement it into our everyday life.


July 27th – Alex and Morgan – Diocese of Allentown, PA “It has inspired me to continue my own education with the Church and to find how I can become closer to God everyday”

Him: This course was fantastic.  It brought up a lot of facets of our lives and faith together that we had not necessarily explored before.  I feel that it brought us closer and reinforced our want to raise a Catholic family.

Her: Every lesson brought up in depth discussions between us. Also, it was great to get feedback from the wonderful instructors that helped to give us better explanations and more material to look to.

Both: It really inspired us to have discussions during the lessons, when reviewing the answer keys, and even to bring up ideas and concepts outside of our study time.  We both felt that it brought up great discussions and increased our communication with each other.


July 28th – Jose and Julia – Diocese of Sioux City, IA “I can see the importance of having God in our life and how much it can help our relationship”

Him: I really learned a lot as we went through every assignment. I enjoyed spending time with Julia and being able to have these really deep conversations that we never really had before.

Her: This course was amazing. I learned so much from Jose and about our relationship in general. We had already been together for a long time, but I never felt so connected with him as I did while we were working on these assignments. I can already tell that this is just going to make us even stronger as a couple.

Both: We thought we already had a good foundation, but this really helped us open our eyes and being able to have those deep conversations really made us realize that we really are meant for one another, and this is only going to make our relationship stronger, especially with God in the middle of it.