Aug. 28th – Edgard and Susana – Archdiocese of Portland, OR “We were able to discuss our expectations, desires, and responsibilities more openly, which enhanced our understanding of each other's perspectives.”

Him: As a guy navigating the intricacies of faith, relationships, and masculinity, enrolling in the online Catholic course proved to be an immensely enriching experience for me. This course went beyond mere academic learning; it was a transformative journey that has deepened my connection with God, helped me understand my partner on a profound level, and illuminated the essence of being a man in a Catholic family.

Her: This course has been an incredible journey that has brought me closer to God and has helped me see the beauty of understanding others through a faith-based lens. From the moment I started the course, I was captivated by the depth of the content and the genuine passion of the instructors. The lessons were thoughtfully designed, seamlessly integrating the teachings of the Church with real-life applications. Each module felt like a stepping stone, building upon the previous one to create a comprehensive learning experience.

Both: The course helped us recognize that our shared values and beliefs could serve as a strong foundation for our relationship and the family we hope to build. It highlighted the importance of creating a spiritual environment where our children, future generations, and everyone around us could witness and benefit from the love and devotion we have for God.


Aug. 29th – Colin and Elise – Archdiocese of Cincinnati, OH “I have always felt close to God, but now I am motivated to deepen my faith for the sake of my future wife and family.”

Him: I was impressed with the comprehensiveness of the course and the depth of the classes. I felt like it didn't leave any stone unturned for our marriage preparation process. I also loved the flexibility that it provided us.

Her: I feel very comfortable knowing that I am fully prepared for marriage because of these classes. We were provided with extensive knowledge, resources, and answers to any questions we had. It was nice to move at our own pace and our mentor couple was awesome about being timely with their responses.

Both: Having the occasion to have these discussions was the most useful thing. We are both open, but having a natural "opening" to some of these discussion topics was very helpful.


Aug. 30th – Ignacio and Daisy – Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA “This course helped to renew a desire to get closer to God”

Him: This course helped tremendously. It gave me insight into what it takes to be an active listener and a better future husband to my future wife. It also helped to remind and encourage me to be a better Catholic.

Her: This course helped us to have deep conversations on topics that we had not all gone into depth in. It really helped us to get to know one another on a deeper level and to think about how we want our future to look like with God in the center of it.

Both: The course brought up difficult topics at time that helped us open up to each other. We were able to build a stronger foundation. This course helped us become a better team.


Aug. 31st – Zachariah and Samantha – Diocese of Allentown, PA “We have found more comfort in God”

Him: I was very satisfied. We were able to complete it at our own pace and in the privacy of our own homes. Our instructors were great also! They provided us with feedback, which sparked even more conversation.

Her: The course was a great tool for marriage prep. Zach and I were able to talk about topics we never thought of discussing and thanks to our instructors, perspectives we never thought of. It was great to be able to work at our own pace, especially with both of us being in the military. Having it as an online course is the best thing.

Both: The lesson on forgiveness created a conversation between us on what we could forgive in our marriage and how to give. We both feel forgiveness is a very important attribute in marriage and the lesson helped us communicate on how to handle anger or frustrating moments.


Sep. 1st – Clayton and Monica – Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “I think it definitely motivates me to try to live my vocation better”

Him: It was good. It gave us a lot of opportunity to discuss our relationship and our faith. Though we have been in a civil marriage for over 15 years now, I think that the course taught us a lot and made us grow closer.

Her: Very thorough. Helped me understand the Catholic Faith and how it pertains to our marriage better.

Both: We are going to continue bringing our family to church and ensure that our kids are active in the church.