Oct. 2nd – Calvin and Makena – Diocese of Nelson, British Columbia “I am very impressed that an online course could make me feel so inspired”

Him: I really enjoyed this course! The passion that our instructors brought to faith and marriage inspired me to dream bigger and reach higher for my own faith and marriage. Their knowledge and comments on our assignments were very eye-opening and helpful.

Her: I am very satisfied with this course. I feel like I learned so much, everything was made very clear, and I appreciated every single aspect that was taught. I had more fun doing this course than I thought I would, and it was a great way to spend quality time with Calvin too!

Both: Even though we already communicate a lot, this course just pushed us to further discuss everything and really get on the same page. We were able to create some habits/routines we want to have once married, and figure out what is most important to us and what to prioritize when it comes to our life together.


Oct. 3rd – Edgar and Ana– Diocese of Sacramento, CA “This really motivated me to start being more involved in the church and pray more to feel closer to God”

Him: We learned a lot through this experience and I really enjoyed having all these very important conversations with my fiancé Ana. I am very satisfied with this course and we will try to implement everything we have learned into our relationship.

Her: This was a very eye-opening experience; I definitely feel like I learned a lot about my fiancé but also in general about way to keep a marriage healthier. I will definitely not forget all the advice given throughout these assignments.

Both: We appreciate everything about this course, it’s very positive and warm.


Oct. 4th – Christopher and Aida – Diocese of San Jose, CA “Renewed and increased our desire to pursue Christ”

Him: I enjoyed the combination of scripture, catholic teaching and practical advice for marriage. Our instructors gave useful feedback and the answer keys were insightful.

Her: It was very clearly taught the expectations of marriage in Christ. we especially love the feedback which went into so much depth.

Both: We learned so much about empathetic listening and communication.


Oct. 5th – Ryan and Kelli – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “It reminded me of the importance God and the Church has in every aspect of my life”

Him: The course taught me a lot about marriage, the process of marriage and how to prepare for it. I learned a lot about how to deal with conflict and possible obstacles that may arise. I also learned how to include and keep Jesus and the church in my marriage. I’m extremely satisfied because I feel this course has certainly helped prepare me for my marriage.

Her: I learned a lot about the differences between man and woman. We each have our roles in a relationship and together create a couple. Forgiveness is important in a relationship and hardships are inevitable. Following Christ and the Church creates a way for success in our marriage. All the skills and guidance discussed are beyond valuable. I gained insight into how to listen, forgive and communicate with my partner.

Both: It provoked a lot of conversations that we would've otherwise not had. We learned a lot about each other and the needs each other has in a marriage. It also taught us what's necessary to have a healthy marriage and the tools to achieve it.


Oct. 6th – Fabio and Daryna – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “We are grateful for this experience, as it's surpassed our expectations”

Him: Having had the privilege of participating in this marriage preparation course, I want to express my profound satisfaction with the comprehensive nature of the materials presented. I am truly grateful for this enlightening experience and for the wonderful individuals who guided me through it.

Her: The unwavering support and guidance I received from our two mentors have been invaluable. Their wisdom, patience, and expertise have deeply enriched our experience, equipping us with insights and tools that I'm confident will serve as a strong foundation for our marital journey.

Both: The course significantly improved our communication as a couple. Through its structured approach, we delved deeper into meaningful conversations, laying the groundwork for our future together. It's been invaluable in establishing trust and understanding, forming the foundations of our upcoming marriage.