Oct. 9th – Juan and Nancy – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “The course provided a safe and open space to discuss our spiritual journey”

Him: We've learned how to communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, and truly appreciate each other's perspectives. It's transformed our marriage for the better.

Her: It's been an amazing journey of self-discovery and growth, both as individuals and as a couple. The course has provided us with valuable insights and tools to strengthen our relationship.

Both: What we appreciated most about the course was the opportunity it provided for open and honest communication between us. We were able to discuss topics and emotions that we might not have explored otherwise. This deepened our connection and understanding of each other, which we find incredibly valuable.


Oct. 10th – Kyler and Anna – Diocese of Madison, WI “This course helped me grow closer to God and His Church by reading through the scripture, passages, videos, and other resources that this course provided”

Him: This course has helped me to grow deeper in my faith and my relationship with God. It has prepared me for my marriage with Anna and how I can continue through my marriage and life as a Catholic and hopefully family someday.

Her: This course has really helped me grow deeper in my catholic faith and with God. I have learned how God wants our marriage be like. This course has prepared me for my Catholic marriage and how we can be one with each other through this marriage and God as our guidance.

Both: This course helped with conversation starters. Sometimes asking questions that we haven't fully discussed and just questions that were good ones to rediscuss. This course helped us grow deeper in our faith and with each other.


Oct. 11th – Name – Diocese of Prince Albert, Canada “The course exceeded our expectations, largely thanks to the exceptional teaching of our instructors”

Him: They tailored the course to meet our specific needs and concerns, making us feel valued as individuals. We appreciated the emphasis on practical skills and real-life scenarios.

Her: This course has been instrumental in strengthening our relationship and preparing us for a successful and fulfilling marriage. We are incredibly grateful to our instructor and the program for helping us embark on this new chapter of our lives with clarity, understanding, and a strong foundation.

Both: The course was not only informative but also enjoyable. They made learning about important topics such as conflict resolution and communication feel accessible and even fun. We genuinely looked forward to each session.


Oct. 12th – Payton and Adrienne – Diocese of Lafayette, LA “This course showed us ways to get closer to God and his church”

Him: We learned a lot about how to have a successful marriage and how to work through our problems! We will follow Christ in our marriage!

Her: This course taught us a lot. It brought us closer to each other and closer in our faith. We are excited to practice some of these teachings like natural family planning.

Both: Each time we had to discuss something we learned more about each other. We learned what would make our marriage work and how to be closer to God in our marriage.


Oct. 13th – Austin and Isabella – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “The course did a great job explaining all topics fully, so it did really enlighten us”

Him: We learned a lot through this course, and we both feel a lot closer to God. It was nice to have a better understanding on certain topics. The information we leaned will stick with us forever.

Her: It was a very fascinating course that allowed me and spouse to feel closer to God and to one each other. All the topics were well discussed and all the information was beneficial.

Both: The topics were very open, and it allowed us to open doors to certain conversations. It allowed us to be more comfortable.