Oct. 23rd – Kyle and Katie – Archdiocese of Portland, OR “I appreciated how the course challenged us and provided us with a safe space to have some difficult conversations”

Him: I am extremely satisfied with the course. Having a different religious upbringing than Katie, it was great to get more exposure to her faith through this course.

Her: I think this course overall found a way to take the teachings of The Bible and The Church and show us how all of that is directly correlated with having a happy and successful marriage.

Both: There were many conversations, especially about faith that we have potentially put off and this course forces you to unveil everything surrounding faith in your marriage. We opened up to each other in our love letters and learned more about each other in our quizzes. We listed our priorities as a couple and refocused on God and getting as strong of a foundation as we can.


Oct. 24th – Jonathan and Ciara– Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “It certainly helped us strengthen our foundation together”

Him: It was actually refreshing for me! It helped me get reconnected in a deeper way to Christ, and help set me on the right path for my next step in life which is marriage!

Her: I actually did enjoy it, as a person who has never been very religious before, I think it’s helped me realize that these are the best values to pursue as a person today and I am happy I was able to do it before my wedding day.

Both: We appreciated praying together daily. We enjoyed this the most, as it wasn't something we did all the time prior to this course. We would randomly do it some days/nights instead of making it tradition.


Oct. 25th – Logan and Shelby – Diocese of Covington, KY “It has made me want to continue to grow my love for God daily”

Him: This class brought up so many talking points throughout the course. It helped us deepen our relationship with not only each other but God as well.

Her: We really enjoyed the online option. We thought this allowed us to open more to each other than we would in a setting with other people around.

Both: I feel like we were able to talk about topics we had not thought of yet and go into deeper discussions throughout this course.


Oct. 26th – Logan and Anna – Diocese of Arlington, VA “I feel closer to God than ever before as we prepare for marriage”

Him: I was very pleased with this course! I feel that it gave us so many interesting and important frameworks for extremely productive conversation that will help us to build a strong foundation for our marriage. We both feel that we are coming away from this course with an even stronger connection to each other and God.

Her: I did not know what to expect from taking a course like this course online and I could not be more thrilled that we did! Even though we took this course online rather than an in-person retreat, I still felt so connected to God, to Logan and to our instructors who have guided us through this course.


Oct. 27th – Brett and Christine – Diocese of Harrisburg “It cleared up any misconceptions I had about the teachings of the church, and comforted me with the decision of getting married catholic”

Him: It helped us to speak about some topics that we have not discussed or have not had a deep discussion on. It brought us together by spending this time together to explore the answers to these many questions and topics. The feedback given with each lesson helped us learn and solidify our thoughts and beliefs as well.

Her: The course made us sit down together and really learn, discuss and reflect on our shared values and misconceptions. We learned so much and shaped new views on biblical teachings and marriage.

Both: Allowed us both to understand deeper meaning and teachings. A lot gets misconstrued or misguided in the media on why the catholic church teaches what it teaches so it was nice to get a very straight forward and clean teaching from multiple sources - the instructors, Father Mike S. etc.