Oct. 30th – Darren and Jennifer – Diocese of San Francisco, CA “We started praying together more, which was nice”

Him: I appreciated the course because it brought our relationship closer together and to God. It taught me a lot about what's very important to Jennifer and her family... it' is full of significant lessons and it will definitely benefit for our marriage in the future.

Her: The course helped Darren and I talk about topics we have never talked about before. The explanations also gave us a different perspective on what we're usually accustomed to.

Both: We looked forward to doing these worksheets because we set a time to do it and both gave it our undivided attention. We both enjoyed it very much.


Oct. 31st – Joseph and Heather – Diocese of San Antonio, TX “The course encouraged me to revisit the catechism and scripture to grow closer to God and the words of Jesus”

Him: This course offered insight into myself, my relationship with my future wife, and how to grow closer to God as a married couple. I really enjoyed the focus on liturgy and the reflections we completed.

Her: It was very convenient and thought provoking. It also allowed us to take our time discussing things while working at our own pace that best fit our schedules.

Both: We talked about our lives from the perspective of growing closer to Christ. Christ is the cornerstone of marriage.


Nov. 1st – Arthur and Shaina – Archdiocese of Port of Spain “I liked being motivated to learn more”

Him: I'm really happy we took the time to do the course. It is insightful and well organized.

Her: The course was very informative. In fact, I was really surprised that in multiple sections/ chapters I felt like I learned something new that I never encountered before, even encouraged me to google some topics to learn more.

Both: I think the course pushes you to talk about difficult topics that you don't bring up in everyday life and that's really special because it deepens your connection as a couple and future family unit.


Nov. 2nd – Kyle and Tessa – Archdiocese of Military Services “It helped us talk more openly with each other in different areas”

Him: I felt that this course taught us a great deal and opened my mind and heart up to new ways of looking at our marriage.

Her: Over the past few weeks, I have started to feel closer as a couple and enjoyed all the feedback that we got from you two across all the different areas. We really learned a lot from the class and have plenty of tools to put to work moving forwards as we keep growing our marriage.

Both: It definitely brought out a spark that had been gone for a little while; we think the praying together more regularly helped a lot.


Nov. 3rd – Joseph and Ryan – Archdiocese of Newark, NJ “This course made me realize the importance of being more involved with our parish and community”

Him: This impact this course had on my outlook on marriage was a big one. This course really opened my eyes about the true meaning of a Catholic Marriage, the importance of having God in our marriage, and how to prepare ourselves for the road ahead.

Her: I really am happy we took this course our instructors. Some of the questions within each course challenged us to really think both as a unit and individually, which helped us learn more about one another and facilitated conversations. On top of this, our instructors really provided insightful and personal responses to our work, which helped us learn even more.

Both: This course forced us to have a lot of conversations on important topics that we hadn't explored prior. It helped us learned a lot about one another, understand where we feel differently, and more importantly, what it will take to have a successful God-filled marriage.