Nov. 20th – Steven and Laura – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “I never realized just how important it is to put Christ at the center of our marriage”

Him: I really appreciated our instructor’s wisdom, guidance, testimony and grace. Their testimony was extremely powerful, and they were very helpful and thorough in their assessments after each lesson.

Her: This course has been an absolute eye-opener and exactly what we needed. I feel we are fully prepared to enter into marriage in the Catholic Church. The course is full of wonderful teachings, articles, and videos. Our instructors were amazing and we felt very comfortable communicating with them. I appreciate their insight and guidance so very much. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is preparing for marriage in the Catholic Church.

Both: It definitely allowed us to communicate better. We plan to put into practice all the suggestions for creating better communication. We got into in-depth discussions regarding God, marriage, forgiveness, etc. I do feel we have a strong foundation now to embark on our new journey of being married in the Catholic Church.


Nov. 21st – Jordan and Hannah – Diocese of Burlington, VT “The whole course had life skills intertwined throughout it”

Him: The online class has allowed us to work together privately and at our own pace and we have been able to discuss every topic together in an intimate and personal way.

Her: I enjoyed the experiences I had with Jordan through this course and felt that it has really helped us build a good foundation for our marriage.

Both: We most appreciated that Catholic marriage prep has been a way to build the foundations of our marriage in the Church because it has been a guide for putting Christ at the center.


Nov. 22nd – Devon and Rachel – Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, MT “It enforced how our relationship should be centered around God.”

Him: Opened my eyes to the purpose and meaning of a catholic marriage and all the facets to look into and consider before marrying. I also liked working through the course at our own pace given our long-distance situation.

Her: This course exceeded my expectations. It felt welcoming to all experiences and backgrounds and did not make us uncomfortable. It helped us talk about different topics, experiences and perspectives while learning more about the church's teachings.

Both: The course applies to everyone differently and our situation and our thoughts and answers were answered accordingly and tweaked to fit our specific responses. There was no one cookie cutter answer most of the time and it allowed for a more personal connection during this course between instructor and course taker.


Nov. 23rd – Marco and Yazmin – Diocese of Stockton, CA “I now have the urge to back to church regularly and attend church events”

Him: I enjoyed the at our own pace and opportunity to have the tough conversations together privately. I also appreciated the feedback on every question not just questions we got wrong. The answer keys were very helpful in understanding it all.

Her: I appreciated the conversations that the assignments ignited between the two of us. I love that I was able to have these conversations in the privacy of our own homes, I don't think we would have been as vulnerable with each other if we were anywhere else.

Both: It allowed us to sit down and discuss each and every question. We had conversations that we have always had but more in depth. We elaborated on each question; it started the communication and as we answered the questions, we realized what was most important for our marriage and what should be the foundation.


Nov. 24th – Joshua and Gina – Diocese of Allentown, PA “We were able to have conversations that we didn't have the chance to have prior.”

Him: I learned a lot and felt it was a good experience go through with Gina to better prepare us for marriage as it sparked some good, and important conversations.

Her: I really like that we were able to do it online in our time. Due to our work schedules and the fact that I have to travel weekly for work, it would have been difficult to make this work any other way so the flexibility is appreciated.

Both: We were able to focus on and be reminded of what marriage really is which is easily lost sometimes in the hustle and bustle of wedding of planning in addition to daily life.