Nov. 27th – Nicholas and Hope – Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “I feel called to give thanks to God and deepen my faith because I have truly felt his presence in helping me prepare for marriage”

Him: We had a wonderful time completing this course. It allowed us to grow closer to each other and to God. It also helped us better understand the Church's teachings and what it really means to get married. It's made us even more excited for the future and the life we'll build together.

Her: I loved this course because it really taught me a lot about the importance of marriage and the commitment Nick and I are making. Or rather, it affirmed the importance I already knew, and put it all in the context of God's love for us. It was educational in the sense that it revisited important Catholic principles, but also gave us ideas for how to live in our marriage. Most of all, I am so grateful for the way this course brought Nick and I together. I can really feel the beauty and importance of our shared faith, and will miss sitting down to work through the lessons! Though I know our faith and commitment to God is an ongoing education and commitment, and Nick and I can continue our practice together.

Both: We appreciated the conversations that it prompted us to have. They were important, but not all necessarily things we would have talked about on our own. We also appreciated the approachability of the course. It was never condescending or assumed knowledge.


Nov. 28th – Adam and Bailey – Diocese of Lafayette, LA “I really enjoyed and appreciated the thorough feedback we received each assignment”

Him: I was happy with this course because it felt personal. I enjoyed reading the answer keys and seeing the responses from the instructors. It felt like every response was encouraging and helped me to gain a better understanding of what to expect and what I could do to be sure I am a great husband to Bailey so that I can make her happy.

Her: I was satisfied with this course because it allowed us to dive deeper into what marriage is really about. It also gave us time to connect, reflect, and spend one on one time in our busy lives.

Both: We appreciated our instructors. Not only were they kind, but they gave honest and thorough answer keys.


Nov. 29th – Chad and Jenna – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “Having great mentors that provided us with great feedback really helped us build a stronger bond together and connect even more”

Him: Our instructors were beyond helpful to Jenna and I during our classes and provided great feedback. This program was very easy to navigate and work with and we loved being able to complete the assignments on our own time to really discuss with each other.

Her: This course was amazing! It was so eye opening for us and really helped prepare us for our upcoming marriage journey! The thorough feedback was so helpful and helped us understand our mistakes and any misunderstandings we may have had. The website was extremely easy to navigate and very user friendly. Our instructors were beyond amazing! So so helpful and so great with their feedback and information!

Both: This course allowed us to communicate better, share in depth as a couple, and to start building the foundations of our marriage by allowing us to think about questions that we may have not thought about deeply before. It allowed us to open our eyes and understand how important it is to love one another every single day, but also to keep God and the Church at the center of our marriage and lives each and every day.


Nov. 30th – Rami and Su – Diocese of Peoria, IL “I pray more often”

Him: This course was very fulfilling. This course allowed us to immerse ourselves in the process which enriched our relationship more than I feel the traditional weekend course would.

Her: I appreciated the deep dive questions in to faith and our relationship. It helped us to have a deep conversation out of what we wanted in the marriage and in life.

Both: Because of the questions we had several deep conversations.  These questions also solidified the fact that we had a strong relationship.  We had already discussed many of the questions before this course and had come to an understanding on our relationship, both with each other and God.


Dec. 1st – Patrick and Stephanie – Diocese of Palm Beach, FL “I felt like we got to learn even more about each other and connect on a deeper level”

Him: I felt like a learned a lot from this course. I did not know so much about the sacrament of matrimony. I feel like this course made us better at communicating.

Her: This course taught me a lot about relationships and refreshed my memory on a lot of things I had learned in school. I feel like it brought us closer together as a couple and showed us the importance of keeping God at the center of our marriage.

Both: We were able to talk through a lot of these topics on a deeper level than we had before. We think this helped us communicate better and learn more about each other.