Jan. 1st – John and Emily – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “I've thought for years that my marriage was strong but I can already feel that we are growing as a couple”

Him: I was thankful for how thoroughly things were explained. Coming from little to no knowledge of the Catholic faith, our instructors were able to break things down so that I could better understand.

Her: I actually loved this course. Not only did we learn a lot but it opened the door to exploring our faith together as a married couple. I am excited to see where our relationship goes and how it strengthens.

Both: we talked about things on a deeper level. Also, after a refresher on communication we are excited to put some things to use to make the most of our relationship. We both want to be more understanding of each other’s needs.


Jan. 2nd – Daniel and Valeria – Diocese of Fresno, CA “The course provided comfort by reminding me that through God and with God anything is possible”

Him: Very well put together and informative. I appreciated the fact that it prompted discussion and communication between Val and myself and additional info from our instructors.

Her: I enjoyed sitting down and taking the time to go through the overall course together.  All of the different insights provided by you after answering each question helped us better understand some topics, we both were unsure about. Addressing the importance of making God the center of our relationship will help us begin our marriage in the healthiest manner.

Both: The course provided us with things that we should talk about or discuss and gave us great insight on issues and teachings of what God wants from us and Marriage.


Jan. 3rd – Nicholas and Nicole – Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA “It gave me the comfort in knowing God is in and a part of all we do”

Him: The course gave a deeper meaning and insight into marriage and our relationship with God.

Her: I enjoyed this course very much! I learned a lot from it and will carry the knowledge from this course to use in my everyday life.

Both: Each lesson gave us many things to discuss and talk deeply about that maybe we wouldn't have.


Jan. 4th – Antonio and Samantha – Diocese of Fresno, CA “It allowed us to get to know each other on a deeper level of understanding”

Him: This course was great! It allowed me to get closer to God and understand my faith. It also allowed me to learn my role as a husband. 

Her: I loved learning about how God can contribute to my marriage. I was able to better understand my role as a wife and what I will be able to provide to my future husband and family. I appreciated the feedback on each of our assignments.

Both: We appreciated the feedback the most from our instructors. It was nice to hear back from a married couple, who is also following in God's teachings.


Jan. 5th – Matthew and Mikaila – Diocese of Madison, WI “This course made me want to get back to church”

Him: It made me want to start going back to church. It made me feel closer and more interested. 

Her: I am very satisfied: Everything was very in depth, especially the feedback we got back from our instructors! A lot of the questions really made me think and were very engaging.

Both: It showed us some ways to communicate with each other better and gave us some things to work on. We both feel more open about talking about things and work on being great listeners for each other.