Jan. 29th– Justin and Brittany – Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD “The course definitely made me more excited to become closer with God with my Husband by my side”

Him: The course was very helpful and useful for us as we prepare for marriage. Our instructors were fantastic and provided thorough feedback for each course.

Her: We found the courses informative and it helped us in our conversations about family planning and our life together going forward. We will certainly recommend the program to any couple!

Both: The course provided guidelines for us to communicate on tougher conversations.


Jan. 30th – Kenneth and Quyen – Diocese of Victoria, TX “I also appreciated the flexibility of the course and that we were able to complete it on our time”

Him: Our instructors were very nice and it was a pleasure to have them as our mentors.

Her: Our instructors were amazing in sharing their wealth of knowledge with us. We learned so much from the course and were given so may helpful tools and resources to refer back to

Both: The course had us asking each other some questions we did not think to discuss and it allowed us to talk about things openly. We learned that there were things that we were already doing that allowed us to say, "Oh yay, we do that already" and new things that we can incorporate. We had conversations from the assignments that we would continue days later and felt that we were connecting on a spiritual level. It's made us stronger as a couple.


Jan. 31st – Michael and Regina – Diocese of San Bernardino, CA “It made me really analyze my relationship with God and make me want to make it more intimate”

Him: We were very satisfied with this course. It really made us dive deep into conversation on these topics that were related directly to our personal lives.

Her: This was amazing. We really touched on things we probably would not have if we did not take this course! It is a great preparation to analyze and talk about the ups and downs of the Sacrament of Marriage.


Feb. 1st – Hershell and Mary (Interfaith) – Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, OK “It was nice to be able to sit down together and designate time to reflect on the true meaning of marriage”

Him: It was a great course that helped me open my eyes that how important and serious marriage is.

Her: Very satisfied. This course contained a lot of helpful insight into married life.

Both: This course emphasized the true importance of marriage and really helped us grow closer and set expectations for each other in our marriage and religious journey.


Feb. 2nd – Jeremy and Natasha – Diocese of Sacramento, CA “This course exceeded my expectations with how in-depth it was”

Him: I was very satisfied with the course. It taught me a lot of things I didn't know about marriage, especially for Catholics.

Her: This course was very insightful as it allowed us to discuss topics openly and set aside time for our relationship. The feedback we got from our instructors was really helpful, especially when they shared their own experiences.

Both: It brought us closer by giving us space to discuss hard topics such as money, forgiveness, and abstinence.