Feb.  5th – Robert and Maria – Diocese of San Angelo, TX “In completing this course, I can definitely say I have a revived enlightenment for the power of his love and teachings”

Him: I really enjoyed this course. I like how we were able to be flexible and work on it when we had time to focus and absorb all of the information. The way it was structured really did allow us to take time and communicate and look more in depth into each section. I would like to thank you both for taking the time to help guide us through this. 

Her: I appreciated that the course was offered online. This was very helpful considering our work/life balance. I really enjoyed the content and presentation overall. It was user friendly and easy to follow along. Our instructors were very insightful and I sincerely looked forward to reviewing their feedback. Their passion for the material helped inspire further conversation and understanding. I enjoyed that I felt I really learned new things in every course. I was raised Catholic and am confident I have a general understanding but I really enjoyed diving deeper with an open heart and open mind.

Both: We appreciated how we were not judged by any of our answers or mistakes that we have made. If we did not interpret something correctly, our instructors helped us see it in a different way that then we could discuss.


Feb. 6th – Brian and Shannon – Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth, Canada “This course brought me closer to my faith that has not been so great for a while”

Him: I felt this course reminded me of why I became catholic in the first place.

Her: I found this course to be very enlightening and was able to provide me with the tools needed to strengthen our soon to be marriage

Both: This course allowed us to sit down and speak about key parts to our relationship.


Feb. 7th – Brian and Kaitlyn – Diocese of London, Ontario “It reminded me that God is with me always and my faith is something I can practice daily not just at Sunday Mass”

Him: The course gave us a more in depth look into the importance of Christ in our marriage. The course explained why certain things are done and the importance of them to a long and strong marriage. 

Her: I found this course provided excellent resources to help us prepare for marriage. It sparked great conversation between us, help us to truly understand the commitment we are making to one another and God. We enjoyed reading the feedback and growing in our faith together as a couple.

Both: We discussed topics and issues that may not have come up organically.


Feb. 8th – Asaiah and Jenna – Diocese Lafayette, LA “I was concerned that an online course would be very generalized, but this one felt intimate and interactive”

Him: This course was very informative and dove deep into how we can keep God at the center of our marriage.

Her: Our relationship is currently long-distance, this course made marriage prep easily accessible for us while the feedback kept it tailored for us individually.

Both: The course opened us up to great conversations that we probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. We learned more about each other and grew in many areas!


Feb. 9th – Dylan and Brittnee – Diocese of Superior, WI “-”

Him: I was very satisfied with this course and really enjoyed reading all the personal feedback you were able to give us after each class. I think having the same instructors throughout the entire class is a great way to set it up!

Her: Everything was great! We learned so much, and really appreciate the time our instructors took to review our answers and give us feedback. It really made us come together and talk about various topics to strengthen our relationship as we prepare for marriage.