April 29th – Marco and Ashlyn – Diocese of Fresno, CA “I appreciated the thought-out responses we were getting back from the instructors”

Him: The course did a good job of having us have conversations we maybe wouldn't normally be having. Also, it helped us start praying more.

Her: This course was extremely helpful for us as a couple. It allowed us to communicate on all aspects of our relationship and faith. It challenged us to make discuss difficult topics but be able to come together for an answer.

Both: It made us answer questions that were out of our comfort zone and made us have deeper conversations about our faith and God. This will help us once we begin to have a family and help our family have a closer relationship and better faith with God.


April 30th – Michael and Elizabeth – Diocese “This course ignited my desire to become more active in my relationship with God, but also my presence in His Church”

Him: I learned a lot throughout this course. I was raised Catholic, but this course taught me more than I could learn in Church or anywhere else. There were a lot of topics that brought attention to topics we would not normally discuss.

Her: I appreciated the guidance through difficult topics or conversations. I also greatly appreciated the amount of feedback we received with each lesson. It is very obvious that our instructors spent a lot of time and effort working with us. What I appreciated most was the ability to be honest and raw in this course without shame or judgement.

Both: This course helped us navigate difficult topics to discuss. This course prompted these conversations by asking us the difficult questions. This allowed us to work through these topics together.


May 1st – Emmanuel and Andrea – Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA “I appreciated the knowledge we gained from the course”

Him: The course went in depth with each assignment and we better understood everything it taught us.

Her: I learned so much throughout this process. I saw the importance in taking this course with my partner, it sparked so many in depth conversations that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t taken this course. My interest in religion grew a lot throughout and my want to strengthen my relationship with God grew as well. Every assignment was very interesting to me and all the insight from our instructors was very helpful as well.

Both: Throughout the course we were able to have great conversations and share each of our views and have an even better understanding of what we each think and want to accomplish together.


May 2nd – Andre and Marcela – Diocese of Nelson, British Columbia “We loved the course and we want to thank everyone involved in it”

Him: I'm delighted with the course. It was profound in the Catholic faith and Christ and Church teachings. It practically covered all areas where we had doubts and questions. The instructors were warm and kind with us providing very good and helpful feedback and content. I feel blessed to have taken the course.

Her: I loved the course. It was very resourceful for us, even with 17 years of civil marriage and now receiving our Convalidation, it added to the marriage some beautiful and valuable resources that we are going to use to improve as much as we can our marriage, with Christ in the driver seat. It was a bless to have the opportunity to take this course.

Both: We were blessed to already be applying some of the teachings in the course but they were good to validate that we are on the right path.


May 3rd – Ryan and Natalie – Diocese of Harrisburg PA “I feel this course has helped us both ignite our relationship with God”

Him: I felt this course was fantastic. It allowed us to more deeply explore our faith together and discuss topics that we may have not discussed in as much detail. Additionally, I felt this course provided a great foundation for the Sacrament of Matrimony, providing many educational tools to build together in your relationship and in faith.

Her: This course was good and thorough in its teachings.  It helped us explore our faith and how we can implement it in to our everyday life.  We were able to discuss topics that previously we not discussed before and allowed us to grow.

Both: This program helped us to explore our faith both individually and as a couple. The process showed us that we pretty much hold the same beliefs and values for all topics covered within this program. It allowed us to talk about sensitive topics in depth, which we may have not discussed without the help of this program. We feel that it has allowed us to communicate better as a couple. It has helped us to grow in our