May 20th – Ryan and Samantha – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I wasn’t expected to get so much feedback from our instructors with it being online, but they went above and beyond”

Him: I am very satisfied with the constructive and timely feedback. The course was flexible to our schedule and the instructor engagement was great.

Her: The feedback to each answer we gave made it feel so personal, while still offering the convenience of doing it at our own time. The self-paced nature also allowed us to take longer on assignments we needed to.

Both: It gave us time and space to discuss topics we didn’t know much about and to learn more about how we think and our faith back rounds. It gave us the foundations for a healthy marriage with faith as our foundation.


May 21st – Nicholas and Rowan – Diocese of Manchester, NH “It felt like we were both really immersed in setting our lives up together as a team”

Him: I liked that this course allowed us to work independently and then come together to share our answers. Some of these topics are difficult to discuss and it helped us to really hear the other person's perspective. I also liked that we were able to do this long distance-- I live in Tennessee and Rowan lives in New Hampshire. This course was so great for us in that way.

Her: We were very satisfied with the course. We enjoyed the lessons and the great discussion it generated between the two of us. We also both learned a lot-- our Catholic education had not gone into this level of depth about the sacrament of matrimony. We had discussed some of this with our priest when we completed our FOCCUS assessment at the beginning of our engagement, but this course gave us a deeper dive into each topic.

Both: We discussed everything from finances, to children, to how we want to incorporate prayer into our life, how to practice NFP, and the sacrament of marriage itself. We've also discussed a lot about how we can help each other get to heaven and make each other the best versions of ourselves possible.


May 22nd – Mike and Sam – Diocese of Allentown, PA “I thought it brough us closer together spiritually and it was nice to be able to discuss various topics with one another prior to the wedding”

Him: I feel as if it sparked conversations about God and faith that we did not have before. It helped us pray together, and it also helped us to feel comfortable giving more faith-based advice.

Her: It made me want to pray more on my own, and with my partner. It also made me learn more about my partner’s upbringing in the church and helped to compare it to my own, and taught us how to implement it down the road for our future family.

Both: We have started to pray together, discuss topics about faith, and have thought about how we want to implement it into our future married lives.


May 23rd – Brennan and Dominique – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “I appreciated marriage being explained in such an innocent and loving way”

Him: This course has informed me a lot about the Catholic faith. I look at things now from a different point of view.

Her: The course has shown me as a woman how I should be in a marriage and as a mother in the future. It showed me what marriage means and how it should be in God’s eyes.

Both: It sparked conversations that needed to be had in order to get on the same page with major things.


May 24th – James and Amanda – Diocese of Covington, KY “This course made me feel energetic to learn more about the sacrament of matrimony and how God is in everything we do”

Him: I am very pleased with the course it has offered many avenues of thinking to broaden what we know about marriage. I thought it was great how this course implemented God throughout it with prayer, questions and discussion. This course has taught me many things that I will be using in the future. Our instructors were great to work with and provided in depth thought of our assignments. This is a fantastic course and would recommend it.

Her: I was so extremely satisfied! Our instructors were as amazing and so kind. There insight and understand will always be appreciated and kept near our heart. I also loved the content of the program and found it very helpful and gave really good insight into marriage!

Both: It made us discuss our interpretation of the word and the Question, ideas off what is being asked and how to answer, and stories of our lives in how God has changed it and been there for us.