July 8th Nathan and Jessica – St. Louis, MO
“I appreciated the ease of access to the course material.”

Him:The class was convenient as an online resource for us to communicate and participate together during our current long-distance relationship.

Her: The class was beneficial in the sense it was self-paced, so we could spend more time discussing topics at the depth that we required.

BothThe course added an extra form of prayer to our week/day as we completed assignment to assignment.


July 1st Andrew and Meredith – Denver, CO
“The course showed me the love God has for us and how sacred our marriage is.”

Him:The course gave me a good insight into what it means to be a strong, Christian husband and father and the challenges I will be met with during my marriage.

Her: The guidance and direction of the course, alongside the instructor’s responses, really helped us grow closer together spiritually.

BothThis course provided great scripture, reference, and insight into the issues, benefits, challenges, and joys in a Christian marriage.


June 24th Cody and Veronica – Salt Lake City, UT
“I appreciated the way many of the questions had me and my fiancé talking.” 

Him:I feel like I learned so much from this, the course only got me more interested in learning more about the church.

Her: It was a wonderful experience. It helped me understand some of the teachings I hear in mass often. The way our instructors went into depth with our answers was really helpful.

BothThe course brought up some topics that we have not talked about in the past and how it will apply to us in the future.

June 17th Nolan and Natalia – Denver, CO
“We learned how important it is to have a Christian life and family.”

Him:I thought it was an excellent course and I grew closer to God and my spouse. I felt like I learned some new life lessons that I will incorporate into my life moving forward.

Her:  I appreciated the info on how to live a life with God, how we can make our marriage successful, the important things in marriage, the decision we make of loving our spouse everyday. 

BothIt improved our relationship by praying more together and understanding the importance of marriage and the roles we take in it. 

June 10th Colby and Chandler – Dallas, TX
“I appreciated the ability to share our thoughts separately and together.”

Him:I thought the course provided a lot of different scenarios and situations that we were able to discuss together and open positive dialogue 

Her:  I loved how much the course covered. There were a few topics we hadn't spoke about previously that really helped us to make our relationship even more rounded.

BothWe loved talking about everything that’s important and vital to a Christian relationship.

May 27th Aureo and Karen – San Francisco, CA
“This is an excellent way to prepare Catholic couples for marriage.”

Him:After going through this class, I certainly feel more enlightened and more connected to God.

Her:  What an excellent course to help prepare us to welcome God to our life in marriage!  Will certainly keep the answer keys and refer to them as often as we need to. 

BothThe course forced us to talk through problems that we did not expect to be problem areas.

June 3rd Jake and Cori – Saint Louis, LA
“The course was thoughtful and very thought provoking.”

Him:It certainly got us to talk about topics that I didn’t think we would talk about for a while, and it really opened up our relationship and focused us on what’s truly important.

Her:  It was an eye opening class. I really enjoyed getting to talk about the difficult stuff with Jake, and I’m excited to bring these lessons into our marriage from the beginning.

BothWe talked about everything personal, making our relationship stronger.

May 6th Brett and Annie – Denver, CO

“I appreciated the freedom to do the course in our own time and in our own home.”

Him:I enjoyed it! I thought it would be tough because of it being online but it was a smooth class!

Her:  I think the course made me look at marriage as more than just Brett and I but that God will also be there to guide us.

BothIt was nice to be able to also talk openly and honestly about some things that are considered uncomfortable. 


March 25th Paul and Taylor – Denver, CO
“It triggered lots of great discussion and I would highly recommend it to any busy couple.”

Him:This prep course was really helpful, and easy to follow. It was great to go at our own pace.

Her: This course was super! I really appreciated how thoughtful and detailed (the instructors) answer guides were and I'm sure we will look back at them throughout our marriage. 

BothWe have made and set goals for each other and discussed expectations that we had not in the past.


March 18th Kyle and Clare – Detroit, MI
“The course was incredibly informative and interesting.”

Him:This class did an excellent job of sharing the information and advice needed to have a good Catholic marriage and continue keeping it holy.

Her: The class was very educational and I felt that I could ask express my opinion and not be scrutinized/judged.

BothThe fact that so many topics were covered and that any differing opinions were not judged, was surprising and pleasant.

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