February 18th Zack and Lisa – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
“I liked working through the assignments together. I’m happy I got to go through the course.”

Him:  I think this was a really good course to take before our marriage. It asked some questions we hadn't before and made for some really good discussions.

Her: I like working through this course with Zack. We learned more about each other and I feel like it was a good thing to do before our upcoming wedding.

BothJust having a designated time and place to sit down and communicate with each other has been nice.

February 4th Claudio and Kelly – Savannah, GA
“Our instructors took the time to provide very detailed feedback to each question and assignment.”

Him:  It was better than expected, excellent feedback for each assignment, I really enjoyed going through this process.

Her: I appreciated doing all the assignments together and the excellent feedback from our instructors.

BothWorking on the assignments we realized even more about the importance of communication, and how important it is to solve minor or big problems and to have a better relationship everyday.

January 28th Rob and Jessica – Los Angeles, CA
“I really appreciated the catechesis with clear explanations. The answer keys were really outstanding.”

Him:  I appreciated understanding the church's view of marriage and how we're meant to live as husband and wife.

Her: I really appreciated the charitable and gracious way that the course was framed for my husband to be, who is not a practicing Catholic. There was a lot he could get out that was accessible and yet still very direct.

BothWe had good conversations about the things that were keeping us from fully sharing with each other.

January 21st Christopher and Ashley – Kansas City, KS
“I learned a lot from this course that I feel I can use to have a fulfilling and happy lifelong marriage.”

Him:  I appreciated that the worksheets were thorough and contained a lot of information and additional links.I felt that this was a great course to prepare me for the sacrament of matrimony.  

Her: I thought this was a really well designed course. I really enjoyed the answer keys. I found them very informational and eye opening. 

Both This course has shown us that there will be ups and downs and that communication will be key to a getting through the hard times together.

January 7th Tim and Ali – Burlington, VT
“I was amazed by the detail of all the lessons and responses from our instructors

Him: The Pre-Cana lessons were very thorough and not only did the questions and lessons meet my expectations, but the feedback from our mentors was above and beyond.

Her: I appreciated the time and space to focus on us as a couple and our marriage and future. 

Both(The course) provided a guideline to have successful conversations and explored situations we wouldn't have thought to explore without it.

December 31st Jordan and Natalie – New Orleans, LA
“(The course) was very in-depth and required us to critically think about all areas of marriage.”

 I appreciated that we got to discuss the lessons one-on-one and it allowed us to be open and honest with each other.

HerI really liked the personal connection with our instructors that offered guidance from their real life experiences.

Both We liked that we could work at our own pace alongside our hectic schedules and planning a wedding.

December 24th Michael and Stephanie – Sacramento, CA
“(The course) taught me how to see God in different forms of life.”

Him: I liked the structure of each class. I learned about how to family plan, naturally, how to effectively communicate with my spouse, and came away feeling closer to God.

HerI feel like this definitely has taught me how important it is to include and continue our relationship with God, even in marriage.

Both We both became more active listeners to one another's problems. We challenge ourselves to to practice all of the information we have learned in this course and to apply it on a daily basis.

December 17th Pat and Sarah – Norwich, CT
“I feel the course prepared me for our life together outside of simply our wedding day.”

Him: The videos, presentations etc. that accompanied much of the content was useful and kept the courses fresh.

Her(The instructors) provided incredibly elaborate and thoughtful answer keys for us, which were most appreciated.

Both This course improved on our communication because we were put into the position to discuss themes that we have not explicitly discussed in such depth and concurrently with specific resources and guidance at our disposal.

November 19th Christopher and Jordyn – Manchester, NH
“(Through this course) we are more confident than ever about our future marriage.”

Him: I most appreciated the deeper and more meaningful conversations I was able to have with Jordyn about our marriage and faith. 
Her:I really liked how (our instructors) gave us their personal experiences with the questions we answered. It made it feel a lot more personal and less like a lecture. 
BothIt forced us to address any issues we may have had in our communication and gave us ways to make solutions.

October 29th Kene and Esther – Atlanta, GA
“I enjoyed the fact that we could ask further questions if anything in the answer keys were not understood.”

Him: I appreciated the fact that there was no right or wrong answer. You were just encouraged to explore your thoughts, discuss them and put them down.

HerThe course forced us to be reflective and really think about why we are doing this.

BothWe also really appreciated our instructor’s dedication to helping us complete this.

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