November 4th Jose and Liliana – Dallas, TX
“The course re-assured me of the importance of having a sacred marriage.”

Him: It was a very fulfilling course that really solidified why we want to be married in the sacrament of the church. It also provided us with a lot of beneficial resources and tips to help us throughout our marriage.

Her: It was a wonderful experience and very grateful for the wonderful instructors we had to help us learn and understand each assignment.

BothWe have been involved in church but the course and our instructors have ignited my desire to get more involved and proven to me how much I want to have our marriage blessed by Church.


October 28th Ramil and Christine – Sacramento, CA
“I’m really happy we did this course.”

Him: Honestly the course renewed my ideas of marriage in a way that makes me respect my faith in the Church and God’s word even more and most importantly strengthened communication with my wife. 

Her: I loved our instructors insight on our lessons as it helped me further understand our lessons as to what it means to be getting married in the church.  Made me realize why we were doing this in the first place

BothI think I appreciate the love letters and the answer keys the most. The love letters is what helped us reflect and give more thought to our lesson.  And the answer keys gave us great dialogue over dinner.


October 21st Alex and Carissa – Military
“The course was just wonderful. I found it comprehensive and informative.” 

Him: This course was a wonderful preparatory course to marriage in the catholic faith. I did not expect such a comprehensive, real-life discussion of the challenges of married life. 

Her:  I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and detail that the questions in the course addressed. I am grateful to course for being thought provoking and igniting discussions on important issues that we were not aware of.

BothBy going through difficult aspects of our lives, we were able to better understand each other and better embrace our upcoming marriage. 


October 14th Sean and Kellie – Colorado Springs, CO
“The course helped us align ourselves with one another and with God.”

Him: The course was really helpful in both teaching us more about the sacrament and helping us to talk about important issues.It was even more in-depth than I anticipated.

Her:  I loved that each part of the course was ordered literally started from the beginning and took us through a journey that was easy to follow and delivered in a way that really helped us learn and grow in our faith.

BothIt really brought up topics that helped us think about our faith journey so far and then how as a couple, we are going to move forward and plan our life based on faith. 


October 7th Jeff and Roxy – Detroit, MI
“I think it was a pretty good marriage prep course.”

Him: I think it was helpful and created conversations that are important to have before marriage.

Her:  It brought up important conversations that we had to have and really made us think together as opposed to just thinking for ourselves.

BothThe course did revive our faith in a way that it helped us realize that as long as we believe in each other have faith that God will guide us, we will be alright.


September 30th Clay and Anne Marie – Lafayette, LA
“The course gave us great advice.”

Him: Having flexibility on completing the course made a huge difference in our busy schedules, but it also gave us the opportunity to purposefully schedule, slow down, and sincerely discuss each assignment.

Her:  I thought the class was a great opportunity to set time aside for us to work specifically on getting closer during our engagement.

BothIt gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at the marriage/family specific scripture, which helped us put our relationship in a biblical perspective.


 September 23rd Matt and Colleen – St. Louis, MO
“The course is fantastic!”

Him: The course helped us prepare for marriage but also have very intimate conversations on our own time.

Her:  I realize the importance of God in our marriage more after taking the course. Overall, it was a great experience.

BothIt has been nice to process the information on our own time and really work together on the course.


September 16th Andrew and Juliana – Buffalo, NY
“The course is something we use daily.”

Him: This prep made our relationship and understanding of the church stronger.

Her:  I thought this prep was important for us. Although we knew each other pretty well, this course made us open up more about situations that weren't always easy to talk about and that's important to start off our married life.

BothThe prep revived our faith by reminding us that even because our life gets busy, we need to make time for God and Church.

September 2nd Andrew and Christina – Military
“I appreciated that we could do the course on our own time.”

Him: The online aspect of this class made it possible to knock out a lecture during deployment whenever I had a few hours off, which was really nice.

Her:  Andy being gone all the time is hard but this class gave us the opportunity to talk about the importance of marriage and the opportunity to answer hard questions we hadn't really thought about before.

BothThe combination of articles, videos, and sound bites created a nice change of pace. A lot of questions came up in each lesson that made both of us seriously think of our future and what marriage really is intended for.  


September 9th Colin and Brittany – Arlington, VA
“The detailed responses surpassed my expectations.”

Him:I loved the in-depth discussion and the thorough feedback we received.

Her:  I feel more prepared to enter into this next phase of my life with my husband, and with Christ as well. I loved how the passages pulled straight from the Bible were applied, and forced me to seriously reflect on how to live my married life through Christ.

BothThe course allowed us to more completely consider how Christ takes a central role in our married life together, and more fully communicate to each other our expectations for starting our family together.


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